For Sale: Welcome to United States of Tent Cities

As the mortgage crisis cuts deep, real estate firms say over a million Americans may lose their homes to foreclosure this year. In August alone, some 300 thousand were served with foreclosure warnings, as unemployment figures stubbornly hover near 10 percent. Anastasiya Churkina reports on how a camp outside New York has become a place some people now reluctantly call home.

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  1. FieldMarshalB says:

    @bambolina2005 Thanks for the kind words friend. I think that they like to make war on the middle east because of oil, protected by nations with feeble militaries, but China isn’t feeble…still, if it gets bad enough, maybe there will be a war with China, I think that would be a nightmare scenario. I hope that that never happens. Maybee if the currency suffers, at least the big banks will get their debts repaid with worthless bucks…kinda a silver lining I guess.

  2. kathydid47 says:

    Why does it even shock me that the politicians want this place shut down! They wouldn’t want to look bad would they? And $5 for an entire day’s work? We really are turning into a 3rd world country. With Republicans wanting to tax the poor and middle class and give a tax cut to the top earners while making cuts to education and food stamps. Pretty much anything that could possibly benefit the poor, they’re against.

  3. bambolina2005 says:

    @FieldMarshalB I liked what you had to say, it scares me to think that small group of people (inhuman as they are) will think up next to keep this horrible debt ridden system going. If they could hit China they would…the middle east is an easy target. Keep an eye out for more propaganda and more excuses to grab what isnt theirs…even poor US citizens. DOWN WITH CENTRAL BANKS!!!

  4. wolftreetree says:

    The militia groups have specific criteria that must take place before they will resort to arms or revolt. Believe it or not these lines have not been crosed yet, but the powers that be are getting awfully close. This includes suspending the constitution, taking arms away from the people, suspending free elections, controling the food and water supply, declaring marshal law.

  5. payit4ward says:

    This shits got to go!

    Zeitgeist Moving Forward on youtube has the solutions.

    Peace and love to all.

  6. chefshitpiece says:

    IMHERE BCUZ I MADE MISTAKES…no my unenlightened friend, you are here bcuz the system was designed to fuck people up the ass like a giant vieny grey-elephant dick going straight thru yer arse!!!!

  7. atlasshrugged2u says:

    @EricShermansChannel Wow that’s incredible! Man don’t/didn’t they see the “long term affects” on Americans now and in the future If more and more of this is happening?…God! The economy is in the worst shape ever and it aint looking like it will get any better. “Service” jobs are/was the only thing left that a kid or senior citizen, or a person who didn’t graduate high school could count on. (sigh) it’s sooo sad 🙁

  8. wolftreetree says:

    We are trying to get back on our feet.

  9. wolftreetree says:

    I wish some of the countries we have helped in the past could send our people advisers, not loans that will burden us, but help. We need to get out of the banking debt (that was really a rip off and that our people received nothing back for, (perhaps some good law enforcement would help untangle that mess). We will need help rebuilding our infrustructer, and our industries if thats even the best way to go. Perhaps small businesses again, but not in this enviroment.

  10. EricShermansChannel says:

    @atlasshrugged2u Yes that’s true. They started out locating call centers in poorer more rural areas of the US, and then moved them overseas once the system was perfected. I saw that on the news last year, though I can’t remember which channel. When you go to the drive through the person takes your order in India, and types it on the computer screen for the store to fulfil. Last year my job outsourced our benefits call center to India. It seems to be a growing fad amongst multinationals.

  11. crogsvien says:

    The US what a shit hole
    I hope this phrase will catch on

  12. travelecomomy says:


  13. atlasshrugged2u says:

    @casparwijn You said it! I wondered the same thing; where are these people’s families?…What’s going on where they can’t stay w/a relative until they get back on their feet…I guess its not that simple but I don’t understand why?

  14. atlasshrugged2u says:

    @Lonsoleil Is that true about McDonald’s doing that?…

  15. atlasshrugged2u says:

    @madmankitchen My brother was over there (Iraq) and it chaged his life the things he saw… As a result I now “sponser a child” overseas through a very reputable organization that’s been around for years and I can only hope that more Americans will do the same. Not to in any way minimize what these people are going through but as bad as these tent cities are, it’s still “sweet” compared to those living in third world countries. Try NO water or NO CLEAN water for starters. I mean “true” poverty

  16. ahamatmabrahman says:

    @wtf4688 Well you know the ms media they say its 9% here in the UK its actually more like 50%,so many empty shops and bankrupt business’s everywhere, very important not to let the loss of material possesions destroy us

  17. drmodestoesq says:

    Check out Omar and the Howlers, “Hard Times in the land O’ Plenty.” That song really sums it all up.

  18. madmankitchen says:

    @Lonsoleil its been like this for years, but there is a media block out. just like 911, the war in iraq. if you saw the videos of whats really going on in iraq you would protest against it. there are a lot of wicked people that run this country. they will not tell you the truth. they will never tell you the truth.

  19. realestatephotograph says:

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  20. Lonsoleil says:

    OMG, I can’t believe this.

    No one is reporting about shanty towns popping up here in The States. This is my first time hearing of it.

    I mean, I know that there’s a lot of families living in cheap motels out here in Orange County, California, but THIS?

    Too many jobs are being moved to other countries. We’re no longer a nation of manufacturing.

    Even McDonald’s is having people take your drive-thru order from call centers in INDIA!

    I’m unemployed and this is scaring the crap outta me.


  21. alex4allofyou says:

    Creating your own money, great idea!
    Let Wallstreet decide 90% in Washington, super!
    Let 10% own 70% of the wealth, they earned it.
    Sh*t all over the Constitution, kick-ass!

  22. casparwijn says:

    wow, these are scenes from the 1930ies! or has the USA become a Third world country? Ithink a great part of this is the fact that many of these people don’t have the social connections to be able to stay/live with friends or familie.. I’m sure that there is no real logisctic need for anyone in The USA to be homeless.. all they need is someone to share their home with them.. but for that you need trust and “togetherness”. this is what you get when selfishness is the driving force of society

  23. johnsenkenn says:


    22,5 %

  24. 321observer says:

    This is the fruit of the Zionist Bankers oweing the US government. It is their well planned deliberate policy backed by the Zionist media. We need totaly different government which would work in national interests and not the interests of international Zionist corporations and their puppet presidents.

  25. Rabican030 says:

    @zOMGLaserGunzPewPew because russian poverty is getting fixed…
    the US is failing 😀

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