Short Sale or Foreclosure: Will You Save Money?

Many people think you save money by buying a home that’s a short sale or foreclosure. That’s not necessarily true. Even if you do save money on a short sale it can take longer to close on escrow. California real estate agent Charlotte Laws talks about saving money with short sales or foreclosures.

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13 Responses to Short Sale or Foreclosure: Will You Save Money?

  1. mrhowardb says:

    Wow this lady knows her stuff…..

  2. stopmyforeclosure101 says:

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  3. sgtcrab1 says:

    Read “Freakonomics” on RE agents. they are self serving parasites who provide just about no useful service. In Canada you can now MLS by yourself.

  4. MrDmbarr says:

    Great article, but did you know there’s a free informational ebook and video that explains how to payoff your mortgage in 90 days so you wouldn’t have to worry about foreclosure ever again? It’s great information and a helpful tool to stop foreclosure.

  5. AshleyBatiste says:

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  6. augustocubas9 says:

    average people want to do things by their own …thats a mediocre thinking .they think they know everything ,just because their broke nirghbour told him what to do . lol
    realtors are going to be there always to help people ….even those who think they know everything ….. and keep in their own rat race …

  7. telmnstr says:

    I can’t wait for the internet to wipe out Realtors. Worthless middlement collecting 6%? We don’t need ya.

  8. Passionslvr says:

    I’m glad this lady isn’t my realtor. My money, I spend it on what I want to spend it on. I refuse to have a snotty stuck up thinking she knows it all type of realtor. A realtor that tries to so call “Educate” me will end up losing at the end.

  9. Onmetube says:

    You must be the stupidest agent in California to list homes for free. Successful agents are self made people; we do what we have to do to make other people do what they have to do, and that is threatening to people like you. So continue to feel safe in your 9 to 5 bubble of false security and when you get laid off just go ahead and blame successful people. If I fall, its because of ME and no one else. That is why I am self employed. And that is why you are so agree

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  12. glw23 says:

    This is an excellent video. I am a California real estate broker in San Francisco bay area.

  13. DrewDownsManagement says:

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