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A Green Revolution in Making Egypt Mansoura ثورة المنصورة مصر Omar Soliman Announcing Hosni Mubarak’s Step Down from presidency! أعلن عمر سليمان حسني مبارك استقالته من رئاسة! Omar Suleiman Hosni Mubarak announced the resignation from the presidency! عمر سلیمان اعلام استعفا حسنی مبارک را از مقام ریاست جمهوری! US officials welcome Mubarak resignation CNN’s worldwide resources are on the ground in Cairo and across Egypt as Hosni Mubarak has stepped down as president of the country. For the very latest, tune in to CNN Primetime on Friday night starting at 8 ET. Washington (CNN) — Top American officials welcomed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s decision to step down Friday, but urged all sides in Egypt’s rapidly unfolding political drama to ensure a peaceful transition to democracy. Vice President Joe Biden said the developments in Cairo and elsewhere mark a day of “historic” and “dramatic” change. It is a “pivotal moment in history” after which the future of Egypt — a critical US ally in the Middle East — will be determined by its people, he said. The US government will continue to insist on a “set of core principles” in the months ahead, the vice president told an audience in Kentucky. Violence and intimidation against protesters remains unacceptable, he said. The universal rights of people “must be respected” and their “aspirations met.” Finally, he said, the transition must be “irreversible” and part of a negotiated path to democracy. “The United States has largely

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