iPhone app review: Group messaging with Beluga

Check out my latest review of the brand new group messaging app from Facebook called Beluga. bit.ly You can start private group conversations, or “pods”, and have lots of fun with this amazing new app. I used Beluga to stay in touch with a large group of friends during the iPad 2 launch. Check out some awesome features of Beluga, as listed in the description on the iTunes App Store: With Beluga, you can quickly create private groups (pods) to stay in touch with your friends, coordinate plans, and share your life. Beluga lets you send and receive instant updates, location info and photos, all via push notification, with NO TXT messaging fees. When everyone is on the run, use Beluga to stay in sync! Head over to the iTunes App Store, and get your group messaging on with Beluga for iPhone.

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  1. RMalayeri says:

    @VEYRONxbugatti I’m starting a nice review this Thurs/Fri on Lockergnome’s channel! What recommendations do you have for DreamBoard? YBTW, you should buy DisplayRecorder on Cydia for your iOS reviews. It will make your video’s much easier to watch. Thanks for the advice 😉

  2. VEYRONxbugatti says:

    reza do a review on themes to….if you use them

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