Million Dollar Listing Madison Hildebrand

Bravo TV celebrity real estate star Madison Hildebrand gives you insight into his career as a realtor for Coldwell Banker in Malibu, California. Madison is one of the best agents in the country and excels at real estate marketing and sales. To meet Madison attend the Coldwell Banker Generation Blue Conference in Las Vegas this coming spring.

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4 Responses to Million Dollar Listing Madison Hildebrand

  1. WilsonAlexify says:

    so hot

  2. WilliamJHynesable says:

    One thing I would have love about doing this video would have been the great dolly and smooth moving shots. I have shot from a helicopter before and that experience is something to remember always. Also who doesn’t like shooting on the beach at sunset. The colors are beautiful.

  3. brentbizozwell says:

    Absolutely smooth camera work as well as a color clarity and lighting. The scenery is absolute paradise. I would have liked to see a little more of the one on one Realtor work in maybe a mini splice of a documentary style sequence.

  4. realtybiz360 says:

    Nice Vid!

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