Text Ad Brokers — Passive Income + Advertising opportunity

www.textadbrokers.com WIN Free Gas Cards! araley.savingshighway.com The Text Ad Brokers Partnership income opportunity ends May 15th. Get Your share(s) before then or miss out on the potential to earn passive income EVERY month! For the first time a content network is allowing an exclusive group of network marketers the opportunity to own a portion of it’s Real(AD)State. TAB was created as the premier Partner for marketing and distribution For the newly created contextual advertising Platform hitcralwer.com hitcralwer.com is the newest high-tech High touch advertising platform designed To get your Text, Banner, Inline, and many Other advertising formats in front of Millions of people EVERY DAY Becoming a member of TAB through the purchase of a Partner package entitles you, the end user, to equal share of the Partner Profit Pool Paid the 15th and 30th of every month from the combined sales efforts of TextAdBrokers.com and hitcralwer.com Join text ad brokers and own a portion of the web! TAB your partners in Real(AD)State -Residual income from ownership of Prime Internet Real(Ad)Estate – Advertising Voucher at hitcralwer.com Launching May 21st 2011 -10000 Limited Partner Packages (Expected to sell out by launch) -Unlimited Width Income Structure to maximize your potential -50% of your organizations total sales paid to you 10 Levels deep -25% of GLOBAL sales paid evenly to every Partner package -Multiple partner packages allowed per account/household. -No maximum earnings

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5 Responses to Text Ad Brokers — Passive Income + Advertising opportunity

  1. tazzdevil89 says:

    i have joined it and i am ready to invest , but why are many people giving negative comments about the site that the owner is scammer and etc ??

  2. rwinchrist53 says:

    Adam, What’s going on with Text Ad Brokers?The website is down.Have you heard when they are going to re-open?I am a member also.Thanks

  3. 6521b says:

    im glad i got my shares within the last 24hours befor they sold out i logged back in to members area i wanted to buy more shares?. but they had sold out.
    when i checked my shares i had 30cense already & growing im in lol.

  4. jspikes1985 says:

    That’s because its sold out!!! I got my shares. Wish I could have invest more…

  5. jovic44 says:

    Clicked on link and there is no site, it does not seem to exist???

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