Short Sale Flipping | Real Estate Investing With Junkers | We read a bunch of comments lately where uninfromed Realtors think that banks don’t want to deal with real estate investors who flip the short sale deals they are working on. Really? C’mon people. Stop making things up. Take a look at this property and you tell me who is going to buy it? Mr. and Mrs. New Homebuyer? No way! The only people buying up these dumps are real estate investors and the real estate investors who know what they are doing are cleaning up on these junkers. If you learn how to find these dumps and if you know how to structure your offer, and then you can substantiate your values and repair estimates…then you are going to make an asbolute killing. This deal represents a 5 figure payday for us while the agent makes 0.00. Think you might want to be partnering with us? You know how to find us! http real estate investing flipping homes flipping houses flipping short sales short sales short sale Bank of America make money in real estate wholesaling real estate wholesaling homes wholesaling houses
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