On The Streets Economic Collapse Crisis Report March 6, 2011

Today we take a look at the gas stations in our area to get a price update. We found that the prices are holding steady at or around .45 with the exception of one or two stations that have a $ .05 cent rise in price per gallon. Along the way we take a look at a residential community that has seen better days. March 6, 2011 Phoenix West Valley SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL RETAILER! When you support your local retailer, You are supporting your local economy. Before you decide to pump your money into corporate giants, Please consider that your local corner mom & pop stores are working hard to make ends meet. They are your neighbors and would like to feed their family as well.. So Instead of contributing to corporate executives Hawaiian Vacations, Shop at your local retail stores. support Your Neighborhood, Your Town and Your Economy. ©arizonapublic TWITTER: twitter.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to On The Streets Economic Collapse Crisis Report March 6, 2011

  1. EvolvedHuman says:

    yeah buddy great video… Your a real authority on the economy, driving around looking at gas prices in your neighborhood. Then you go on to pass judgment on people you don’t know based on how their yards look. Such an in depth analysis on the economy. Speaking of waste your wasting gas on this video, and your wasting peoples time with this video. in order to stop wasting others time you should change the name of this video to retard drives around and looks at gas prices.

  2. spooncooker says:

    lol good video

  3. katequeef says:

    you wont find an orange on the ground very soon brother and if you do a body will be lying next to it.

  4. 62636263c says:

    If we collapse within the next 12 hours or so, those donuts will be a great barter item. They could also get you out of a speeding ticket if they are not more than 6 hours old,lol.

  5. ilovety65 says:

    lolol,sheep camp.

  6. GentlemanStratt says:

    Hey man. You should try a state of society update. Everyone has been strange, almost seem soul -less, since the recent cloud cover. Its a given that you combat selfishness, (arrogance, ignorance greed, waste, anger) with love. I saw one vid you said everyone seemed like zombies. Thats prolly bc ppl’s true selves are surfacing in these dim times.
    Anyways i was curious 2 see if it was common in other places.

  7. flippyflappy1 says:

    It is probably illegal to sell the oranges and if they did, there would be a swat team ready for them like they do for the Amish farmers.

  8. skyding8962 says:

    I could easily eat that entire dozen donuts in one sitting. Yes Im a big eater, but Im not fat. I have to eat 4000 calories a day just to gain weight.

  9. skyding8962 says:

    Mike great example of the oranges. See an entrepreneur would see that and then go to the house owner and ask if they can pick them for a certain dollar amount per orange.

  10. skyding8962 says:


    Darn. Im pretty good at detecting accents. Could have swore you had a brooklyn accent. Maybe you can do a video on how to pickup a brooklyn accent like yours. 😛

  11. ArizonaPublic says:

    @skyding8962 – Brooklyn? Seriously?… I grew up in Orange County, CA (Garden Grove) and then Arizona….Yo, How do I gotz a Brooklyn Accent?

  12. skyding8962 says:

    Mike you have a good sense of humour. Must be that brooklyn accent that adds to it.

  13. chadberry75 says:

    COOL i will buy that jail………stick the HOT hookers in the cell’s. and hire a HOT-RED- HEAD DEPUTY……..C im helping the ARIZONA economy

  14. MrArizonaGuy says:

    donuts , , , yummy

  15. doctordude says:

    Classic line about the Sheep Camp!

  16. RamFan4u says:

    I love your videos, you always make me smile!

  17. ArizonaPublic says:

    The point of this video is to help us remember when times are tough we have to find humor while touring the day to day economic crisis. I pointed out the inflated gas prices, People letting food (oranges) go to waste and even homes that are beyond repair. Even as depressing as that may seem, I presented it with humor. The ending where I bought the donuts is to symbolize that even when times are at it’s worst, We will find some sweetness in all the ugliness. Appreciate the little things.

  18. Unsharpened says:

    Hey they are still sheep at the Sheep Camp resturant. Look at what they are driving.
    4 Pickup trucks in that small segment of video. 1 was a dualy. They dont care about gas prices, they only care about sitting up high while they are driving. I certainly dont think they are going ranching or offroading in those things. Something else to note , they are not hauling anything either. SHEEP!

  19. BMWg84 says:

    with the way gas prices are going you may have to start doing these videos on a bicycle

  20. countryhorsefive says:

    You should investigate if Camp Sheep has such delicious donuts.
    Great video, thanks.

  21. Crimble67 says:

    @valhala56 AZ has some very nice parts and I would live there if I could stand the summer heat.

  22. nynut518 says:

    you should say what street you are on …

  23. mja2035 says:

    Who want’s oranges when you can have donuts. lol

  24. dx11101 says:

    its already 3.80 or higher here in socal

  25. gasdorf says:

    does the sheep camp serve free koolade ?

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