American Economic Collapse, Las Vegas Day 2 Day 2 of 2 BattleBornBroadcast and George4title explore the economic reality of Las Vegas. From the 9.8 billion dollar City Center to doubling our homeless population, Las Vegas is juggling both ends of the economic coin. George4title and BattleBornBroadcast hit the streets to make sense of a real estate market gone wild, commercial real estate collapse and billion dollar bust. Economists predict more struggles for Las Vegas housing market Las Vegas Sun – Buck Wargo – ‎Jan 20, 2010‎ It will be continued suffering, NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe said of the Las Vegas economy and housing market in 2010. That is the simplest way to … Tour the new dream home: At International Builders’ Show, it’s small, virtual … USA Today Housing construction rebound is in slo-mo, economists say Dallas Morning News Homebuilding Forecast: Modest Growth in 2010 ABC News
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25 Responses to American Economic Collapse, Las Vegas Day 2

  1. krisreckner says:

    Wow and I was thinking of moving to Vegas to start my own business making handicap accessible motorcycles. Glad I saw this. . .

  2. MrGraygrizz says:

    What a shame / waste…..

  3. samantha34ize says:

    i woud like to work but everything is in china

  4. BlueStateChronicle says:

    Hard to say. I still see lots of people in ‘Vegas, gaming away. But you are right, the place did lose it’s identity. Each resort is a destination unto itself. City Center, BTW, cost over 16 billion dollars. It is alive now, but what a struggle. I would never bet against America, but it is on the brink of collapse like never in it’s history.

  5. InspiredMuse74 says:

    we are living among our ruins right now. We have enough resources, land and homes to house EVERYONE! Our jobs have been outsourced and section 8 housing lists have waiting lists years long. I knew america was declining when I was told there was no such thing as emergency housing? Since when? We call ourselves the richest nation in the world?

  6. rlilewis says:

    Just wait until all the lovely sovietized green taxes hit home. (china and india will pay none btw).

  7. jvarela965 says:

    I visited Las Vegas the last time was in 2000 before the credit bubble boom. All the old Mid Century Modern Masterpieces like the original Sands were demolished. I loved the city and all this is so sad.

  8. bearmare says:

    Las Vegas is an excellent metaphor for the US economic. A massive credit-financed boom followed by a crushing bust. Las Vegas is the US in microcosm.

  9. bearmare says:

    The numbers of chronic homelessness and unemployment is at extreme levels, levels so high no one wants to talk about it. The free market will operate in Las Vegas, but it will be predatory, driving labour costs ever lower, just as been done in China. What no one mentions about China’s ‘economic miracle’ is the massive amount social destruction it has wrought. The US is in a race with China to the bottom. The difference is that the US has a history of rebellion.

  10. mdo686 says:

    I have never been there, but I have never heard a bad thing about it from my freinds that go.

  11. sternumkick says:

    great videos

  12. MatrixFactoryGuy says:

    lol….this real estate bust was going to happen and everybody knew it but all their eyes and brain saw was greed in the short term. Home prices in Vegas were INFLATED big time!!!!! I saw that and I refused to buy a half million dollar home and got out before the bubble burst

    Now you got most of las vegas homeowners under water owing more on their house than it is worth….but greed and stupidity has led to your ruin

    Leave the city NOW! Las Vegas is a cess pool stagnating

  13. zimmaman19 says:

    what a fat yank……He has a religious bent for the free market//////let me tell you in one world what happened…..speculation

  14. outbackeddie says:

    Any state that would elect Harry Reid deserves to go up in flames.

  15. Xgames13 says:

    America needs more hemp and constitution.

  16. kt9l says:

    I don’t understand why they just don’t sell it off at a great discounted price. It’s better to have some money than NO money.

  17. NinezeroPlayer says:

    i guess whatever starts in vegas never ends in vegas.

  18. ThousandairesClub says:

    atleast i know my prostitutes will be radiated when i pick them up…

  19. lbalanovsky says:

    this guy is an idiot. the leases were there in downtown because they jut had finished building that portion. the city center is great. its beautiful, artistic, and the entertainment is great. Do you know that a valet parking kid can make 5 figure income off of valet parking. The prices in downtown and sumerlin are really cheap. The strip was always more expensive. The service is great. wtf. he should just shut up. He is not helping by telling people not to come to vegas.

  20. theantiredneck says:

    This is GSB sorry pop your not riding my tales on this one! I love F black trucks!!

  21. theantiredneck says:

    –on and people are being put back in their place, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have it, it just means you have to know exactly how the game works and you need to know exactly what your doing or your going to get hurt most importantly you will B hurt psychologically!

  22. theantiredneck says:

    So to people that don’t know it’s just like everything else you have to know what your doing and have to know the rule and how the club works if you don’t you lose if you do you win simple as that but don’t think for a moment the money machine isn’t as strong as it has ever been this is an adjustment to settle the masses down back into being the labor market that is needed, everyone started to think for awhile they were going to B rich and B in labor but that just don’t work so the slap is —->

  23. theantiredneck says:

    –is ECN that means your broker doesn’t see the trade it goes straight through to the cbot intraday system and isn’t manipulated and the signal you see is the real thing but the issue with an Ins. account is that most places need a $100k or more minimum deposit so that keeps most people out and keeps out the rift raft so to speak! Once your in an Ins. account and your broker see’s you can survive making successful all the time your in the door and is cheese from their on!

  24. theantiredneck says:

    — day trading and lose which is most people don’t understand the difference between standard accounts and Institutional accounts and they open a standard account that’s not ECN and trade in a made market and don’t realize that standard accounts are traded against Ins. accounts and that means if you win their Ins. guy loses and your made market gets spikes and is volatile to make it difficult to trade so the Ins. guy wins! So what that means is you need to open an Institutional account which–>

  25. theantiredneck says:

    You just have to B in the right place and know what your doing, remember most people think the stock market is doing horrible and you can’t make money that goes to show you how the sheep’s mind really see’s things! People think 99.9% of people that trade stocks lose and that means the stock market isn’t a place to make money and that couldn’t B more wrong, i know hillbilly rednecks laugh when you mention the market that just shows how little they know! Most people don’t understand that try—–>

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