Ron LeGrand Quick Start Real Estate Video Lesson 7: What to Offer On Ugly House Cash Purchases

As part of his new and continuing lesson series, real estate guru and millionaire maker Ron LeGrand discusses what to offer when making a cash purchase on an “ugly house.” ……………………………………………… Want to find out more about Ron LeGrand training offers and event dates? Visit Each week, through his Gold Club Weekly Report eNewsletter, real estate wealth guru Ron LeGrand takes us into his world via PLANET RON – a video journal sharing what he’s been up to in the past week with a look at what’s coming on the member website and at future training events taking place throughout the US and Canada. Ron LeGrand’s Gold Club Weekly Report is emailed weekly to over 25000 people and is available for FREE to anyone requesting that they be added to our list of subscribers. The Report typically features a PLANET RON video, articles on topics ranging from Ron’s Quick Turn real estate methods to pieces on goal setting, time management, blogging and generating new revenue with online affiliate programs. You’ll also find humor, links to smart phone & iPad apps, the latest business resources, motivational quotes, “Ronisms,” and more. To request you be added to our growing email list for Ron LeGrand’s FREE Gold Club Weekly Report, email us today c Are you a member of Ron LeGrand’s exclusive Gold Club? Find out more today by visiting

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4 Responses to Ron LeGrand Quick Start Real Estate Video Lesson 7: What to Offer On Ugly House Cash Purchases

  1. brownhaus815 says:

    Ron in the house
    quid pro vid
    An eagle, a tree and a giant pad of paper

  2. barrylpope says:

    GREAT FREE content! It’s MUCH appreciated! You have been around a long time, and the reason I know, is because so have I.LOL I bought one of your first courses, and you know how long ago that was. I live in San Francisco, so I have the same scenario as Long Island, but I don’t allow that to stop me! Thanks again Ron! Looking forward to the next vid! Barry

  3. cr34t0r1234 says:

    ha ha ha ha”thats how old I am”!
    Ron You’re not old at all

  4. BrutusEmpire says:


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