Buying a Short Sale / PreForeclosure

Buying a Short Sale is not always as good as it may seem, sometimes you will get a great deal and other times you wont. Most of the times the reason for a short sale failing to close is not the buyer or seller’s fault. You can read more at:
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3 Responses to Buying a Short Sale / PreForeclosure

  1. shakaama says:

    @StevenTamburello well it’s not the buyer or seller, it’s the damn corporate bank. even the bank agent has no control, and they’ll say that to the buyer. it has to go up up UP the channels to get approved. and they’ll even haggle, which extends the period too. it’s a big mess.

  2. ricbuenossp says:

    Hey, I just found a very funny video of some fool jumping into the potomac river…he’s giving away a free iPad too! Check it out at capitolshortsale. com

  3. StevenTamburello says:

    What about warning the buyers that a Short-Sale can take Months and Months. Most of them fall apart because the buyers can not hang in there.

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