Flip Video Tips for Real Estate Investors (Part 2)

www.mustknowinvesting.com I got a ton of great feedback and comments from my last video, “Are You Using This Killer REI Marketing Tool In Your Business.” So I decided to teach you a few more tricks of the trade to help you generate a massive influx of leads into your real estate investing business. Enjoy Patrick … aka P-Rid www.mustknowinvesting.com
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4 Responses to Flip Video Tips for Real Estate Investors (Part 2)

  1. priddle34 says:

    @Maroons19 That’s great to hear. Thank ya!

  2. priddle34 says:

    @mylandasset hmmm good question. I’m not sure why the size of the file is so large for that first video. I would probably reshoot it and see what happens.

    Another work around may be to get a program that coverts your video files to FLV format. That will decrease the file size but will also decrease quality.

    ~ Patrick

  3. mylandasset says:

    Tube Mogul requires the file size to be under 300MB.
    But look at my problem with the two Flip videos I just made.
    01. Video 43 seconds long and is 656.5 MB
    02. Video 1 minute 10 seconds long and is only 81.1 MB
    It just doesnt make sense.
    Just wondering if you or anyone else has had this problem.
    I video all my properties and put them on Craigs List and then on my blog, but I would also like to place them all on TubeMogul, that is if I could make the file size smaller
    Please Help Me
    Paul White.

  4. Maroons19 says:

    This was a really great post, I liked it alot. I learned alot about some new things that I did not know about. Great video

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