InternationalLiving Postcard Review May 1, 2010

Hi, I’m Dan Prescher, Special Projects editor for It’s Friday, April 30, and welcome to this week’s rundown of International Living postcards. All the postcards I’m about to mention are available for you to read for free at Let’s get started. On Monday, April 26, the executive director of Pathfinder Real Estate, Ronan McMahon, introduced us to Brazil’s next big investment play. In his Monday postcard Ronan points out that Brazil is energy independent, makes its own planes, trains, and automobiles, is one of the worlds largest food producers, and is politically stable. For Ronan, that all adds up to a good investment environment, and he especially likes one real estate play in Northeast Brazil with rentals yields that he says could throw off more income than stocks. On Tuesday, April 27, we ran an International Living postcard that I sent in from Kobbe Beach at the Playa Bonita Resort, just across the Bridge of the Americas and Panama Canal from Panama City, Panama. I wasn’t on vacation… I was MCing our biggest Live & Invest in Panama conference to date, and right across the road from us was the former Howard Air Force Base, on of the biggest US military installations from the old canal days. The news here is that Howard is about to become a city unto itself… The government of Panama is working with London & Regional Panama Development Corporation for the next 40 years to create what they call a dynamic business
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