This Week in Reality TV – Chad Rogers of Million Dollar Listings

Our guest today is the self-made “Realty” star of Million Dollar Listings, Chad Rogers. Giving us the scoop on what he has been doing since the show ended and insight into how you can become a real estate king like him. Nothing is off limits, not even the hair! Stu brings you this week’s reality TV news all this week in reality TV! For more information, show notes, and upcoming schedule, go to

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18 Responses to This Week in Reality TV – Chad Rogers of Million Dollar Listings

  1. Jannsmith says:

    Thanks for uploading the video. Some of use miss Chad on MDL. With regard to the “master cleanse” or any colon cleanse, please do NOT use them as they can actually rid the intestines of “good” (or flora) bacteria. It’s much better to instead increase one’s fiber intake such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Please, however, talk to your doctor first before changing your diet and and increase fiber intake gradually or gas and/or diarrhea can occur.

  2. g2gprosdotcom says:

    the most gay of all gays this guy isnt a man or a boy hes a women bi atch

  3. alaitain says:

    i liked watching the million listings. show. but hey when chad gets older , he will cut his hair. and make him look more like a man instead of a child.

  4. ZrednaZ says:

    I both love and hate him. He’s certainly an interesting character. 😉

  5. legggggggggy says:

    All people are in it for the money or plain stupid. You should do something you love that you make a lot of money from. I admire him because he is really good at what he is doing and honest about it. What more can you expect.

  6. Dougiexmoon says:

    chad’s super cute !

  7. Bob8199 says:

    Chad Rogers is the biggest douche that has ever lived.

  8. expatmoscow says:

    Don’t focuss on the money and the commission will come!!! that sums it up Chad ……just in it for the money

  9. expatmoscow says:

    he sits on the chair like he has a cock up his ass.

    How come you left Valerie Chad? thats’s a big story huh?
    Chad you have no friends here in Moscow, Russia

  10. kendolldamon says:

    I like Chad

  11. OLDERBLUE says:

    HOWEVER… The replacement that they found for him,on that show, is no Christmas tree either.. I find that new Josh is dislikable… and so is his mom.

  12. 8daryl888 says:

    stop talking about the dog you pumpkin pied hair cutted freak.

  13. gursexy01 says:

    He is a weirdo, he did love that ugly dog so much too much.He dissed that girl alot.The show is better now without him he made me feel ackward everytime they went to his parts.

  14. LiquidMuse360 says:

    Chad is a homosexual. No wonder he’s obsessed with his hair and is suspiciously too thin to be a real man. Not that I have any problems with homosexuals, in fact I’m gay too. But that guy is SO annoying. That girlfriend he has or had must have been paid by his mother to date him. Chad seems to love that little dog rather than the girlfriend. So sad

  15. LiquidMuse360 says:

    the host in the black blouse resembles Debbie Gibson (the pop singer). the staff of the bravo show “million dollar listing” is filming in South Florida (near Miami and in Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood). Those buyers have NO MONEY .. it’s all FAKE

  16. ramona2400 says:

    Chad has left Million Dollar Listing – what a loss – we will miss the fits between Chad and the unforgetable Josh Flagg. What a non team they made.

  17. AndroidAshley says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with myself about reality TV. I hate that I love it so much… gah!

  18. beyotchplez says:

    l love chad ^_^

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