Canadians Snapping Up Arizona Real Estate

CBC National reporter Sasha Petracic spends a day touring Phoenix, AZ with Arizona for Canadians Co-Founder Mark Dziedzic to find out why Canadians are buying up Arizona real estate in record numbers.
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18 Responses to Canadians Snapping Up Arizona Real Estate

  1. bicepsca says:

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  2. goamericanrei says:

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  3. goamericanrei says:

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  4. iLuvBarRefaeli says:

    Why go to Arizona where there is no coast or beaches, when you can go to Cali

  5. nishkov says:

    @bicepsca. Are you for real? to buy a property in USA from australia a investment visa is required. Maybe not for Canadians

  6. bicepsca says:

    @jamarjames I am a canadian looking for repos. i am looking at investments under 50 000$ I have a big group of investors. if you are interested contact me please

  7. bicepsca says:

    @nishkov you don;t need a visa

  8. tarnsand says:

    In western Canada people are bragging about buying 2 or 3 properties. The Arizonans are starting to resent having empty streets 6-9 mths of the year. Its not as sweet as it sounds. Cdn buyers are expecting high rent and not getting it, just hassles. So be very careful and think of 5 years from now.

  9. mrhowardb says:

    Great video….Despite the annoying Canadian couple..

  10. TheREIMaverick says:

    great video….I’m heading over to check out your channel now!

  11. Konig1985 says:

    what can go wrong? most houses thats selling for $120 are in soon to be ghost towns! Try buying around the metros and you will see how true the old adage goes “you get what you pay for”

  12. Tippet76 says:

    Yall already ruined Washington why can’t you just take new mexico instead of us. If you like temps. of over 105 in october than youll like it here.

  13. nishkov says:

    I would buy a Property in USA but applying for a Investment visa is a BITCH.

  14. RealArizonan says:

    The Phoenix area had the steepest rental rate drop of any U.S. city in Q4 2009 at -8.7%. The market is flooded with empty single family properties. Also, 47% of Arizonans are underwater on their mortgages. The crisis is only beginning for the Arizona real estate market.

  15. jamarjames says:

    I have been working with many Canadians and they can’t believe the prices in Arizona. I have sold probably the last three houses to Canadians for less then 100k. I LOVE CANADIANS. Call Me! :) Jamar James

  16. pa226p1246p says:

    The market is going to take another nose dive. Most good deals in Arizona are in the Ghetoooo. You might as welln move to east LA if you buy in any west side real estate

  17. westbeach2525 says:

    HA ! economys never been better

  18. hackamore says:

    Hmmm, if, in fact there is a global financial meltdown next year, these Canadians will be losing that house, too.

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