Real Estate Collapse – Land of the Dispossessed Part 2

The devastation of the real estate collapse in the High Desert area of Southern California. Thousands of empty foreclosed homes in brand new housing tracts, despite the current foreclosure moratorium. The worse is yet to come when banks resume foreclosures and unemployment checks run out. The main stream media and our leaders should focus on the true battle ground of the economic crisis: Our streets, neighborhoods, schools, and places of work and worship. Families need bailouts, not the super rich corporations of the world.
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9 Responses to Real Estate Collapse – Land of the Dispossessed Part 2

  1. papatoony says:

    The music stopped and that builder got caught with his pants down!

  2. papatoony says:

    Tract homes make me sad.

  3. GammaAlphaPi says:

    very interesting, its so odd to see new abandoned buildings. Thanks Joe!

  4. jobedied says:

    We will print trillions and pass out mortgages like candy. No problemoo.

  5. Cherokee15676 says:

    Nature will claim it back

  6. joediaz001 says:

    City of Hesperia, right next to Victorville.

  7. skyding8962 says:

    Good video again.

    When you say high desert what major city nearby exactly?

  8. Halftrac says:


  9. Diegocwd says:

    w w w . t u b v i e w s . n e t Finally a way to have control over where your video is shown when people are searching Youtube!

    Have A Blessed Day

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