Bandit Signs – Real Estate Wholesale – Champaign Homes

Schwaps ( founder, Justin McClelland (http chronicles his company in its beginning phase. In this video he posts bandit signs around Champaign-Urbana in effort to build his property buyer list.

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5 Responses to Bandit Signs – Real Estate Wholesale – Champaign Homes

  1. bcinvestments says:

    The white part that you wrote on is that construction paper or is it a white box written on then taped to the brown part of the box? If it is some kind of construction paper where did you get it from?

  2. JustinBMcClelland says:

    @MadeftREI Yes, they can be cardboard. It doesn’t really matter. As long as the message is visible your phone will blow up from ringing.

  3. jbm999s says:

    @MadeftREI You will get MORE than a modest response from these signs. Trust me

  4. MadeftREI says:

    So if I want to try it out and don’t want to spend the 100$ on the bandit signs, would you say you got a modest response from these?

  5. 530HELP says:

    lol i went into the grocery store here and took like 400 potato chip boxes

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