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24 Responses to Sarah Palin Flame Wars

  1. Agustason says:

    The military have begun to get ready for entering the underground. First Los Alamos evacuated because of a created fire. Than Walter Reed hospital closes in Washington D.C. And than the last ‘Shuttle mission’ and the closing of NASA. In all over 25,000 american military not at work. Where are they going? And now two Illuminati sacrifices. Norway attacks and Amy Winehouse at age 27. To distract our attention. Date of Sept. world wide event seems to be accurate.

  2. mash1033 says:

    what is young turks? lol turks hahaha

  3. mrfuckwithyawsister says:

    Be hones​t

    If u reall​y like someo​ne right now,

    or miss them right at this momen​t,

    or can’​t get them out of your head,

    Then copy and paste this on 10 vids withi​n 5 minut​es,

    And whoev​er you are missi​ng,

    Will surpr​ise you tomor​ow

  4. Megajanitor says:

    @Megajanitor Are you mad? I bet you are. Lol, afraid for me to comment on your channel.

    It’s sad.

  5. BelgianBrain says:

    That Trump-bit was nothing but awesome, thanks for the lesson.

  6. Stingerbillion says:

    @TheUSMetalhead I agree, but you know people smart, insane, and media will continue to cover this cunt.

  7. GenevaSwiss says:

    Who is this fucking Bimboo in this show?

  8. erdal0 says:

    Wow, shes a blow of fresh air into MA FACE. Ben is like a grinning greace monkey compared to this humBLE well-spoken wind of fresh air. If ben sticked a pole up his talentless ASS and wiggled around to entertain us he would make up.

  9. Megajanitor says:

    @snofthndr Whatever you want to call it, it’s better than trying to start a hateful religious argument.

    Glad THAT didn’t happen. And it’s funny to see how mad you are, lol. What a major change of attitude.

  10. snofthndr says:

    @Megajanitor So all what you have been trying to do is to but into a argument to point out how stupid it is with a stupid argument. Fuck you

  11. Megajanitor says:

    @snofthndr Look who’s talking. Trying to start a pointless argument. Get into one anyway. Lose it. Then change the subject completely.

    Nothing to eat anyway.

  12. pastafarian37 says:

    @Moneymyke357, thanks! :)

  13. snofthndr says:

    @Megajanitor Wow a troll in the highest form. Eat me…

  14. Megajanitor says:

    @snofthndr Nothing as in it’s inconsequential.

    I knew you’d say that.

  15. CardinalRaker says:

    @tommypickles09 TYT ARE TROLLS. Cenk Attack..clever but he’s a troll. Ana is a “I have a Masters in B.S.” Femnazi Troll

  16. grahamkeithtodd says:

    @paladinvince good man old son..i wish you well!

  17. Moneymyke357 says:

    @pastafarian37 Apropos, i think

  18. Braveanglo says:

    @GooGobbler113 I understand the firestorm that decent Canadians can come under when they talk badly about the US. I receive the same thing when I do it and I AM American. I consider myself only an American on paper and most Americans can’t fathom that. I relish an outside perspective and I was glad to see yours. It deepens my convictions.

  19. ogrish84 says:


  20. ogrish84 says:

    @tommypickles09 TROLL ON!

  21. dhebert111 says:

    @str33twarrior22 ; )

  22. pastafarian37 says:

    Did anyone catch what word the co -host used at 2:01? “_____ of what?”

  23. gregwi562 says:

    Okay, Sarah Palin is a petty, bellicose, childish bitch. Another reason why she will never be trusted to hold the highest office in this country.

  24. tommypickles09 says:


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