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rocketboom.com Click on the link above for more info on today’s episode! QR Codes seem to be everywhere these days, and each has a unique destination. Ellie gives you a look at some of the most popular QR code reading apps for your mobile device and where to find these elusive codes! Denso-Wave www.denso-wave.com Google URL Shortener goo.gl I-nigma www.i-nigma.com ScanLife web.scanlife.com QuickMark www.quickmark.cn Mirascape www.mirascape.com QR Code Reader and Scanner itunes.apple.com Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the latest from Rocketboom Tech! youtube.com Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates! twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com Join us on Facebook for behind the scenes pics and videos! www.facebook.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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23 Responses to QR Codes

  1. peter1q84 says:

    QuickMark not only provide Android version, but also can run on iPhone and Windows Phone

  2. MasSergioVEVO says:

    thumbs up if u scanned the qr code in the intro of 0:03 with your smartphone and found the website was down lol ha

  3. aslipinartan says:

    Free QRCode Generator to create your own QRCodes, for Enterprise & Personal Use: Search for “QRCode’TANbul” (qrcode-tanbul)

  4. GuitoxxX92 says:

    Thanks a lot, Very useful !

  5. 0justjames says:

    found out alot

  6. ValdemarBlix says:

    @Hunting4TheLight I bought the iPad with my own money, sorry bro! 🙂 To be a real bitch i can also tell you that i bought my own ps3, wii, and a really expensive phone..

  7. Hunting4TheLight says:

    @ValdemarBlix shut up spoil kid.Learn how your mom is earning money

  8. Abbruzzesi says:

    “Dittle” has to be the best QR code app out today. It’s free, and it creates dynamic tags with all your contact info, social media links and even your photo if you want.

  9. ValdemarBlix says:

    LOL, i was pointing my iPad at the screen and at 2:41 it picked up the signal really quickly!

  10. legendaryspartan92 says:

    hahaha you dumb bitch…

  11. failblorg says:

    @Nietsnebarg EXACTLY!!! instead of it leading to a rogue site, that pushes a worm into your android/iphone which then lies dormant, keylogs your numbers, contacts and personal information, and then pushes it to a remote sql database, or worse yet jumps to your computer when you connect it via bluetooth or wifi, it’s gonna make you sick when you put it to your face 🙂

  12. Nietsnebarg says:


    yeah, and then when you put the phone to your face you can get sick :(.

  13. failblorg says:

    the danger with QR codes is that it brings viruses and worms from the computer world and puts them in the real world. Scan the wrong QR code and… trouble.

  14. Scepto100 says:

    i had my nintendo 3ds beside me and you can scan QR codes woth nintendo 3ds so i did that lol

  15. WealthFisher says:

    I love you are you married

  16. MetaTekReviews says:

    I use QR Droid on my Android phone, I like how you can make your own QRCode right in the app which allows people to add you instantly to their phone by scanning!

  17. meteordude44 says:

    @crazyJTvideos Same

  18. TheMasterandree says:

    My 3ds Work with these X D

  19. Megadoomable says:

    Quick response??? I thought It was Quick read…

  20. dragon55105 says:

    @crazyJTvideos Me too

  21. DaGavinX says:

    Trying the 3DS’s qr code reader… it works!

  22. crazyJTvideos says:

    the top left qr code in the room brought me to knowyourmeme

  23. VisualProgrammer1 says:

    Bing Vision is the best of all.

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