Jim TV Hellhole

What else better to do but to drive around Hellhole Canyon all night….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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7 Responses to Jim TV Hellhole

  1. jimmym1a1 says:

    I thought you might flash the cam with a hockey goalie mask on Jim……good vid

  2. mja2035 says:

    Hey Jim, Nice video for Halloween!

  3. JP5466 says:

    I was expecting Micheal Myers or Jason to jump out any second.

  4. Geotpf says:

    It’s cheaper than tile?

    The previous owner was mentally retarded?

    Science experiment on what happens with the combination of fabric and urine?

  5. Intransitman says:

    Why put carpet in a bathroom?

  6. MengersDisciple says:

    Nice Halloween touch to this video, Jim!

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