Virtual World Serious Money-NEVERDIE INTERVIEW

“NEVERDIE” Jacobs spent 0000 for a chunk of real estate that was in outer space and didn’t really exist. That’s OK — his investment worked out nicely: He’d purchased a virtual space station in the online game “Project Entropia” that he converted into a wildly successful nightclub and resort.
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25 Responses to Virtual World Serious Money-NEVERDIE INTERVIEW

  1. AeonAztek says:

    Second Life is not pay to play. The majority of residents never invest a dime & make a nice chunk of change with their creativity. Then again, its not a game, its a society.

  2. linandyl2000 says:

    Watch my video and you will start making serious money.

  3. Muchmoney67 says:

    can you rob a bank??

  4. audiophil92 says:

    I’m having an Austin Powers “mole” moment, except its not a mole. ITS HIS HAIR!!!!!

  5. 3108711289 says:

    what happens if you dontpay the bank back (with ir)?

  6. Sky14657 says:

    oh, seems you really got stocks. or are you an employee of mindark? Btw there is no game out there where you lose everything after missing a monthly and Second Life got the same pay plan as Entropia: If you just want to fool around for ages, you don’t have to pay for anything. If you want things to get serious, you pay a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on Calypso, more or less on break-even. But as I don’t want to invest more it gets boring like hell.

  7. Sky14657 says:

    And to answer to your first statement: A lot of people pay a lot more on Calypso than $15 a month and NEVER get anything out of it… As I said, break even is heaven for most players. If they want to continue they just put the money back into the game, so literally getting nothing or even pay more, hoping better equipment would produce better results. Far away from buying banks, businesses, thinking about new worlds…

  8. Sky14657 says:

    You got stocks? Kidding. Personally I don’t know anybody who got rich on Calypso except Neverdie. It’s not the first purpose of the company making OTHER people rich, as you got it right it is a real economy model. What will happen with future planets? Guess what? Do I have to mention Neverdie? I’m still not sure he is truly independant, could be a sophisticated PR-thing too. Having the only working bank on Calypso for a long time doesnt sound strange to you I think.

  9. lenardpoon says:

    Clarify: THIS GAME IS FREE TO PLAY! YOU DON’T HAVE TO DEPOSIT A SINGLE DIME! Deposit a bit and it makes it more enjoyable. You gotta pay to play WOW, Second Life and others anyway. If you miss a monthly, you lose everything and have to start over again. Entropia, you have your Avatar FOREVER!

  10. lenardpoon says:

    So go pay $15 a month to pay and NEVER get anything out of it. Anyone that knows how a REAL economy works knows that this model can grow the same way as if one was one of the original colonists and staked out land in America. It keeps growing and so does the value of invested goods. Entropia economy is now over $1 Billion! and growing. People are getting RICH on Calypso and what will happen when fugure planets come online?

  11. ImCoreyDammit says:

    at least make your spelling better. You sound like you know nothing about this game.

  12. florinangh says:

    Entropia Universe (a direct continuation of Project Entropia).

  13. atus86 says:

    fucking cry engine !! i wanna back VU 9 :((

  14. noesabie says:

    what game is he playing??

  15. thejoshknight says:

    im gonna have to try this, i have heard too many success storys not to try.

  16. VZonesVirtualWorlds says:

    —–>>>Seducity is giving away TWO WEEK FREE TRIALS in their virtual site ALL YEAR ‘ROUND!!! Our special gift to you. Ho-Ho-Ho!! Seducity (dot] com

  17. Sky14657 says:

    @matttfuzzy wow, an intelligent comment here 🙂 In fact you really have to be careful with games like that. In Entropia you normally can play without investing a dime (not at the moment, some features not enabled by now). But for sure the game lives out of the people that don’t pay attention and maybe even lose a lot of money. And for a newbie break even is a dream for some time, except for those really working hard on it.

  18. sakurachan777 says:


  19. o0Kaze0o says:

    Virtual Banks? If I recall from logging in last night NEVERDIE’s seems to be the only one still in operation… Funny how that works…

  20. MarkBTW says:

    Wow that looks fun.

  21. mintor426 says:

    gane rip off , take alot money buy any thing cause players and mindark so greedy only max 500k ppl after 6 years this game come out . limit stuff too do but sweat. in game items allowed by mindark so lazy want let ppl make new this help at lest make game better.

  22. harmonymathews101 says:

    i miss entropia soooo mutch ,,,,stupid cry engine 2

  23. mattfuzzy says:

    yeah it sucks 🙂
    though usually in the real world you tend to sway towards making more than what you put in (unless you have a shit idea to start with or no demand ie. big risk – in that case dont take it) all i hear about with this game is people are interested in trying to make money from it (joe gamer for some side cash) and end up losing the time and money they put in, so i guess you should expect to play the game for what it is (fun factor) and if you get what you put into it your lucky.

  24. reassor says:

    thats how the real world works too right?

  25. mattfuzzy says:

    my general understanding of this game (i havent played it yet) is that there are more people losing out on the “money” than there are making more from it, and that half the time you just break even of what you put in (coming from a friend who played the game)
    interesting concept though.

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