Why Sell Real Estate At Auction?

A NEW TREND IS SWEEPING THE NATION – Going once! Going twice! Going three times! Sold! This language, or something similar, is being heard more and more throughout the country as deeds to real estate are transferred from party to party. Utilized for many years in the rural sector, the auction method of selling real property is fast coming of age in the metropolitan areas. In the past, auction was considered a line of last resort. It is now being recognized by many as the most efficient, effective, and profitable method of marketing real estate. Also, the perception that only distressed property is sold at auction is fast disappearing. Throughout the land, large quantities of high dollar residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial property are being sold at auction. McCurdy Auction, LLC has been selling homes, farms, commercial, and personal property at public auction since its inception in 1982. We are licensed real estate brokers and auctioneers, in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. We perform all the tasks necessary in the pre-sale marketing, promotion and execution of your auctions. The auction method of selling can provide you with a new and proven avenue of selling your real estate listings. Auctions, when promoted, advertised properly and conducted professionally, produce very successful results. Our real estate auction program would allow sellers to benefit from the vast experience, expertise and know-how of our company. We are members locally and nationally

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