FSBO Video

Great for For Sale By Owners to watch. This appeared on Channel 2 news in Atlanta and was done by Clark Howard – Find Cherokee County’s best homes at www.ERASunriseRealty.com

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4 Responses to FSBO Video

  1. erichhaubrich says:

    A smart consumer can save at least 3% selling their homes online without a listing agent. Companies like EzFizbo.com charge $99 for a Realtor.com Showcase Listing (6 month listing). They give you a yard sign and toll-free number and you have direct contact with buyers via email and phone. It’s really about the best exposure you can get.

  2. grooveey says:

    A house for most people is the biggest investment they will ever make in their lives, why would you try to sell it yourself running the risk of losing money in order to try and save a few bucks?? This story is a prime example of why you need a realtor. The reporter even says “its hard work” Commision can be as high as 7% but generally is 5-6%. That woman acted like she hired an agent by wanting to know why her house didn’t sell, then ends up hiring agent anyway after blowing 3 grand for nothing

  3. CrowdPleeza says:

    My advice is to learn as much as you can from several people who have sold their own homes before you start trying to sell yours. Try to find some books and websites by people who have done fsbo.

  4. NawwLeans says:

    You can save a lot selling it yourself.

    I just had my lawyer — who did the paperwork for the sale anyway — give me an offer to purchase form, to a buyer could sign it.

    I priced the house right. Sold it full price before the open house. I have done this several times.

    The trick is — price it right –you can lower your price because of no commission.

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