Hammonton police chief refuses to ID himself, threatens to arrest peaceful protesters

Council of Parishes rally is shut down by Hammonton NJ police. Police chief Frank Ingemi refuses identify himself, threatens to arrest peaceful protesters. Mayor John DiDonato is clearly involved. The Council of Parishes is trying to keep open the sixty churches the Bishop of the Diocese of Camden is trying to shut down in the largest mass closure in American Catholic history. There are a lot of unanswered questions about the Bishop Galante’s motivations, chief among them a 0000 personal financial transaction with a real estate developer currently under arrest in New York on fraud charges. Many of the parishes the Bishop is trying to close are financially solvent and sit on prime real estate. The protesters are faithful and devoted Catholics very concerned about the future of the Diocese of Camden. The rally consisted of holding signs and praying the rosary. www.councilofparishes.net http

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