On The Streets Economic Crisis Report March 8, 2011

Where is the tipping point? Consumers spooked yet? RECOMMENDED CHANNEL, TheRedneckPicker: www.youtube.com March 8, 2011 These prices are not being driven by supply and demand or by speculators…these prices are being driven by the retailers…supply is fine because Saudi Arabia is able to make-up the lost production…so why wouldn’t they downplay the high prices at the pump…they’re feeding the frenzy. Libya plays no part in our oil importation one bit…we receive on average less than 1% of our oil from Libya…so to blame the gas prices on this situation in Libya is totally false…and again we are being lied to by our elected govt. This is all part of the enviros, the EPA, the Dept. of Interior, and Dept. of Energy’s, plan to force the American public into the “new green” agenda…they have to because the administration, Al Gore and they’re crony business associates have “invested” so much of this countries money into these failed policies and agendas…they are now going to “ask for their return on investment”. When oil was a barrel someone was making money. Now that it is over 0 someone is making more money. Who is that someone? We import the majority of our oil from mexico and canada, seems it is not opec. Oil companies? Traders? When diesel costs less to produce than gas, why does it cost more? If we open the us oil reservers what price will the govt. get? Serious questions, how about a serious answer. Gas prices nearing .50 a gallon across Arizona are

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25 Responses to On The Streets Economic Crisis Report March 8, 2011

  1. jatamode says:

    Ah no that was mercy being shown to you from GOD.

  2. chrisspiers1 says:

    In the UK its now £1.41 a LITRE!

  3. edviperrrr says:

    Here in Brazil the average is now $6.25 a gallon.

  4. ufonaught2003 says:

    mines double in uk £6.43 a gallon here which is really expensive cant afford to drive anywhere except work

  5. savgal1211 says:

    lives and decide to start doing “something.”

    I also asked several of them why the LDS cannery instead of some of the Internet storage food companies like Mountain House. Again the answers were consistent — none of them could find survival supplies on the Internet unless they were willing to endure a several month wait to get the items they were ordering. Even the LDS cannery is beginning to run out of certain items — last night dehydrated carrots and dehydrated apples ran out.:survival blog

  6. hmfc1978 says:

    were all getting ripped off by the governments to keep us down,, we need a revolution like the arabs are doing fuk the nwo. rip of britain

  7. calady11 says:

    In southern California the price of gas is going for $4.00 a gallon and up.

  8. stormbytes says:

    We (Canadians) do not get oil from Alberta’s sands. The oil is ‘extracted’ in Alberta but refined beyond Canada’s borders – and it’s NOT sweet-light crude and thus not relevant to our discussion of gasoline. It should also be pointed out that the price of gasoline is set by a global commodities market, regardless of where it actually originates.

  9. dragasoni says:

    It’s all taxes for your healthcare. Our system is better, you can pay for healthcare with your own insurance or just pay with cash. This is why everything here costs less. Socialism sucks.

  10. dragasoni says:

    That’s the cost of your “free healthcare” and other government programs. I like the American system of lower taxes and private healthcare because it’s much better.

  11. dragasoni says:

    I love the beer holders on those shopping carts. Bananas are 59 cents a pound here, up from 25 cents a pound a year ago.

    We use the Breakstone’s whipped butter most of the time.

  12. GabrielAnsley says:

    That’ll be awesome! Can’t wait! : P

  13. myusername215 says:

    buy butter, not butter flavored oil.

  14. DigitalSkyline says:

    AP I respect your opinion but I really don’t guilty because it was not my mistake. But I am with you on paying them for the food, the next time I’m up there I will talk the manager. Thanks bro!

  15. johnwilsonriley says:

    We’ve been getting robbed in Canada for years, and not just gas! Our dollar goes to par in value with the US, yet our prices for virtually everything are higher than in the US. You gotta remember that the oil you get from Canada costs more to get out of the ground than Middle East oil! Most of it comes from Tar Sands, so your gonna pay more for it than Middle East Oil from the get go! Looking at your store prices, I thought you were in Canada for a second!lol.

  16. macdesire says:

    sooner or later we will start ridding horses again !!!

  17. stormbytes says:

    Well anyone’s technically ‘allowed’ to buy gas – the issue is ‘importing’ it. I don’t know what the laws are about exemptions for day trips. If you stay like a day or two and then come back its definitely not a problem. To drive down to the US to buy gas and drive back is still not worth while for me at this current price-point.

  18. yedon68 says:

    …Love your channel…ck some more homes in greater Phoenix….thanks

  19. ArizonaPublic says:

    – 20 minutes down the road and your in the states? wow, Are the Canadians allowed to go into the states and buy gas? I bet they have some sort of stipulations in place to prevent that. I would be very interested in knowing if this is possible.
    I know here in Phoenix I have heard many people say that they are gonna fill up in Mexico (RV’s Motor homes) where gas is more than half cheaper than here in the states and thats only an hour or two away from me.

  20. stormbytes says:

    100% with you man. You didn’t upset me. I was just frustrated at the fact that just 20 minutes down the road you guys are paying a full-third less then us! I still think $3.51/gal is highway robbery! Even if it is cheaper then Quebec

  21. ArizonaPublic says:

    – Okay, I’m sorry to upset you. Forgive me for replying. I do remember in my video “Americans are big fat lazy blokes” I mentioned Canadians too.
    Okay, I feel better now that you pointed that out to me. I am very happy that I now pay more than double for gas than I did just 5 short months ago. Please forgive me for upsetting you. We are all in this together and it is all relevant.
    I wish you Peace, Love and Happiness.

  22. stormbytes says:

    I do enjoy your videos though :o)

  23. stormbytes says:

    @ArizonaPublic Dude I said CANADA not frigging France! Europeans are a totally different SPECIES!! We’re just up the $@%$% ROAD!!!! We’re paying $5.08 US-DOLLARS PER GALLON and your crying about less then 70% then we pay TODAY.

  24. ArizonaPublic says:

    Stormy, Did you see my video “Americans Are Lazy Big Fat Blokes”?


    Thanks for the comments, I do appreciate and value everyones opinions.

  25. stormbytes says:

    Your crying for US $3.51/Gal ? I’m presently in Quebec – A mere 20 MINUTES from the US border and we’re paying US $5.08 A GALLON for REGULAR dude!!! Seriously…..

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