Michael Fisher of Coldwell Banker discusses On Location’s successful viral marketing campaigns

Michael Fisher, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Coldwell Banker, talks to SEO-PR President Greg Jarboe about the success of On Location’s viral marketing campaigns. Fisher is very happy with their YouTube channel, and how it energized their network by showcasing what video can do for them. Fisher says that the future of real estate will involve video because it’s fairly simple to get started and to organize the campaign. Fisher gives as an example of a successful video campaign the test case of a woman from Salem MA, who has a bubbly personality and is perfect for video. Her onscreen talking about the property not only makes the property feel better, but also gives the potential consumer the essence of what she is going to be like and how she can help market her property. She also has a great video bumper that she uses for all her video listings. Its a coffee mug on the beach on Boston’s north shore with seagulls in the background, she picks up the mug takes a spit and puts it back down, all you see is the mug with a little lip mark on it, and she says ‘That’s why I live in New England’. Videos like that get the viewer excited about moving to the area, and when she comes in and tells you about the property, you are sold 10 seconds into the video.

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  1. Enny6454 says:

    Representatives Coldwell Banker company in the Czech Republic, teaches his real estate broker to go with another real estate company, as candidates and then teamed up with the property owner and offered him that their property will sell them. What do you think? No one leaves them alone properties for sale, so they look for fraud! Does this sound real estate agent? These are practices! It’s disgusting!!!

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