Monopoly Streets – w/ Gassy, Pbat, Chilled, and Galm Part 6 (Live Commentary/ Multiplayer)

This is from ChilledChaos’ recent Livestream. We decided to test our business/ real-estate ability and played Monopoly Streets. Oh, and I stole chilled’s Dog character. MWUAHAHAHA. Enjoy! ;D This is part 6, watch part 5 here – -Links- Chilled – Pbat – Galm –
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Monopoly Streets – w/ Gassy, Pbat, Chilled, and Galm Part 6 (Live Commentary/ Multiplayer)

  1. TheToyBoy7 says:

    you forgot ze

  2. ZOOMTheGamer says:

    He played it and won

  3. hippierdude says:

    monopoly ruins friendships

  4. weers23 says:

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  5. FlyingWhaleHorse says:

    I remember watching one of P-Bat’s videos and he said that he used to always play monopoly and trick his friend or just cheat and steal money from the bank…and that means…he is a true…Business Man!

  6. bryanboeyfoowen says:

    yeah i know alrdy

  7. Phoxnix2 says:

    i havent watched nova play this game, but he has done it

  8. indybrick96 says:

    fuck pbat lol im rooting for chilled!

  9. bryanboeyfoowen says:

    immagine nova playing this —- 5 minutes in nova:NOOOOO FU@#%$@(#@&#$ WHYYYYYY GOD DAMN IT ARGHHHHHHHH

  10. TheMastercheezit says:

    where is rosevelt when you need him

  11. d3monslay3r4 says:

    @death32123 pbat or sly theyre both frickin hilarious in my opinion

  12. ClevelandCaliRyder says:

    Everyone exept Spoon (Cause i’ve never seen his videos) and Sly (Cause he’s annoying and unfunny in my personal opinion)

  13. CookieGoesNegative says:

    realize realize realize

  14. TheTylerKauffmanShow says:

    id love to see pbat play with like a group of 2nd graders like “hey man ill give you 5 real dollars of all your blues. i mean who else in this school has 5 dollars in thier poklet right now

  15. IMnintendo says:


  16. DementedNarwal says:

    its awesome how gassy constantly antagonizes galm about the dog even though he’s losing horribly

  17. RatchetGod says:

    probably gassy

  18. wormscaper says:

    everyone but nova and spoon

  19. death32123 says:

    whos ur favorite commentator
    nova, spoon, gassy, sly, pbat, ssoh, or kootra

  20. TheInstanbull says:

    12:40 … Good job Gassy!

  21. TheInstanbull says:

    Gassy is Kool for Skool

  22. MikeVeenema says:

    Pbad I love u 2 on gassy’s video

  23. supergamecubedude says:

    i want to rape pbats asshole now 😛 (in a bad way)

  24. C4pwner16 says:

    i like how gassy is part of no shit at all

  25. HummingbirdwithaHat says:

    I fucking LOVE Monopoly. The only thing wrong with it is if you’re playing computers. They’ll trade a worthless property to another computer. The computer would obviously take ANY FUCKING DEAL. The computer will then furiously rape everyone’s asses with hotels three turns in.

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