(Real Estate) Wholesaling Property Get Control First!

Please Please Guys get your properties under contract before you market to sell them. You can work for nothing if that’s what you like to do! The property kid here to give you the scoop on real estate 101. Here to help the notice and experienced investor in real estate. email me at propertykid@gmail.com or just comment and rate Thank You!

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14 Responses to (Real Estate) Wholesaling Property Get Control First!

  1. juicyy28 says:

    Hey property kid, great advise. Now here is my question.
    After I get property under contract for $85,000, do I say to the end buyer …”I will sell you my contract for $100,000″… in order for me to make $15,000? Is that how it’s suppose to work?……If you dont understand my question let me know.

  2. SOLDHOMES2010 says:

    How do I get started I have two buyers on my list and no properties yet? Do i need a small business license to do wholeselling?

  3. Himithor says:

    Hey Property Kid,
    Thanks for your video, it was really informative. It help since I am a newbie 2 the real investing. Keep it up.

  4. kenndrich123 says:

    What i best to do first find a house are get a buyers list

  5. 1958daryl says:

    will the bank give you reo and how much do it cost to pull title

  6. sirgreen101 says:

    im barley getting my feet wet in this wholesaling game,but i know theres alot of money to be made and i really understand you alot better than alot others so i will be getting in touch, thankx alot

  7. BLKMAYLE says:

    I know what a buyers list is
    I meant ways to build buyers list

  8. tewilliams1234 says:

    investor who buy houses a buyers list is whats its called

  9. tewilliams1234 says:

    investor who buy house a buyer list is whats its called

  10. BLKMAYLE says:

    Good info
    what’s some of the better ways to market for sellers and end buyers

    any side easier than the other?

  11. laconia04 says:

    just a question do you have to have a license to do a wholesale

  12. propertykid says:

    I’m waiting on you!

  13. propertykid says:

    what marketing are you using to attract those buyers. In marketing the number one thing that people make kistakes on is not marketing directly to the people they are trying to get. It’s called target marketing. Don’t waist time with tire kickers

  14. Simirial says:

    got any ‘in’s on getting a buyer, this seems the entire problem in todays market, i speciallize in Short Sales in Idaho, ton’s of deals, few takers

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