RICH vs. POOR: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

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25 Responses to RICH vs. POOR: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

  1. NOZUMI800 says:

    Great Vid. Thanks!

  2. mikellv7 says:


  3. willabarcelo says:

    I like this video very much…have fun!

  4. BoonnTanicals says:

    The entire time you were explaining the differences between poor people and rich people, I never seen it your way before. It opened up a new perspective for me. Thank you so much for posting this video. I really appreciated it! 🙂

  5. YourMindofSuccess says:

    What I got: You can learn to think like the rich and become rich yourself.

    What changes as you realize that you can learn to think like the rich and become rich? What becomes possible as you let your mind embrace Harv’s ideas and begin to think differently?

    Isn’t it nice to know that this works regardless of your present money blueprint and how it was formed?

    Embrace these idea and it’s all over except the “shouting.”

    Thanks for posting.

  6. TheCashistrash says:

    Poor people are just damn procrastinators, cry babies, and want something for nothing. It is possible to be born poor and become very wealthy in this country but like this guy in the video says it is a mindset. The rich see obstacles in life and figure ways around them to better themselves. The poor just give up and say its hopeless.

  7. dufjt says:

    Haha no poor people just know reality.

  8. Joeydillpickle says:

    Rich people (not all) have ownership in environment destroying ventures, don’t mind paying their employees little. They are not really fun to hangout with. I don’t want to hang with snobs. I work hard at my own business for rich customers and most of them treat me like I’m a disposable pice of equipment. I don’t think they see me or my employees any differently than they see their wshing machine.

  9. crumcon says:

    good video, make another video when you’re millionaire okay? 

  10. thethirdq says:

    Where do you come up with this stuff…so good!!!

  11. georgio168 says:

    i like this guy.

  12. BeDoHaveTV says:

    word, thanks man!

  13. edgex7 says:

    REal talk…shitt actually inspired me .

  14. anthonyw713 says:

    granted you made this video over a year ago. A good book to read is Abraham Hicks “ask and it is given”

  15. roztlee says:

    I have heard what you have shared many times, from many different sources, and EACH time, it is a revelation. Thank you for sharing!

  16. udubbz11 says:

    great post!

  17. ofmasters says:

    It feels good to listen to you because you are so intelligent, you can convey complex matters to everyone! Liberators don’t free others, they liberate themselves.

    Aloha from Hawaii!

  18. queenabundance says:

    Brad this was a very very inspirational video! I am in my mid twenties and pursuing a new career path and following my dreams and have overcome so many obstacles to do so. I have a lot of the key elements that you listed on the way ‘rich people think’ list! Your video was a reminder to keep that passion and way of thinking alive!

  19. Maxobillion says:

    The title of this video should be WINNERS vs. LOSERS.
    All those points are 100% accurate. Well done.

  20. ICanLeadYouToWealth says:

    Brilliant book review. Keep em coming. The Millionaire Mind Intensive is happening in London this weekend.

  21. wafelijzerstekker says:

    you don’t even reply to my statement, and just delete it? then deep inside you must know it’s true, or else you could have just replied. weak man… you seem to be so full of yourself but you can’t even have a discussion about the subject you’re talking about, you just delete the posts not applauding you… very weak…

  22. PersonalDevelopmentS says:

    Great book and awesome author … strongly suggest his live events too, he is so full of energy, life and info.

    ~Expect Miracles

  23. RalphealJackson says:

    Man I Agree With You 100%! It’s Almost As If We Have The Exact Same Mind. lol Great Video We Need To Connect. Your Millions Is Already There Bro, Keep Paying It Forward! Cheers.

    Ralpheal Jackson
    The Walk With Millionaires

  24. RayRenkonTV says:


  25. techwealth says:

    Your on track on brotha

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