What wealthy investors DON’T want you to know

One of the best kept investment secrets that the wealthy don’t want you to know is finally being revealed to the average investor.

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25 Responses to What wealthy investors DON’T want you to know

  1. silver john says:

    if we used gold as money theres 5oz billion world wide then 1 oz will be worth 100 million and silver world reserves is 700 million oz world wide 1oz silver would be 10 million plus gold to silver 1-10

    anybody agree lets dry up the silver markett people every body should buy 10 oz a month 1 year the end of silver copy and paste this please

  2. gates403 says:

    Selling my silver>>>>interested hit me up in message

  3. Tarclasp says:

    It’s just another bubble

  4. GingerSnapzVlogz says:

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  5. NYWAORCANZ says:

    are there a lot of Gold Dealers that will allow you to buy the Gold with your Credit Card instead of cash?

  6. IUVENTIU says:

    GolD doEsNT OXIdiZE, ThAt MeANs We CaN LIVE fOR eVeR

  7. carminecar says:

    All the hype for useless gold… oh yeah they use it for soldering in satellites, up to 25kg… what about growing food to keep us alive?

  8. TulaiMr says:

    If you would like to buy precious metals on-line and have it delivered directly to your home call me to enroll for free in American Gold Reserve. It has a great affiliate marketing system that will allow you to make commissions on people you enroll for free. My number: 435-881-5820.

  9. CrashMarket says:

    Some bullion dealer will steal that for use as a advertising slogan..

  10. vajjjt says:

    People should have seen this video back 3 years ago when this video was put here on youtube and bought gold ( not e-gold ,but real gold bars / coins) =) Altho its to late now , or is it ?

  11. vajjjt says:

    People should have seen this video back 3 years ago when this video was put here on youtube and bought gold ( not e-gold ,but real gold bars / coins) =) Altho its to late now , or is it ?

  12. bullenchris18 says:


  13. celeriacmarcus says:

    Look what happened to e gold. The gov confiscated all accounts.Just another way to screw ordinary people.

  14. UnitedKorean says:

    I see some people saying food and water will become more valuable than gold and silver. Guess what! People can continue to farm food and distil water as long as the weather is fine. There is no food or water shortage. That is not why the market is crashing. The market is crashing because dollar is crashing. So how will you buy food and water if your dollar becomes toilet paper? The best thing you can offer is either gold or silver (or sex if you are a pretty young girl).

  15. UnitedKorean says:

    Aren’t they just precious?

  16. zackrowe1 says:

    better to have ammo

  17. candon1972 says:

    if you kiss your gold or silver coins it´s okay and you will not get sick.. but if you lick a bunch of dollar bills- you´ll get bacteria,virus and cocaine–: Buy metal..

  18. MONOPOLY35 says:

    Many investors keep insulting precious metals with their sayings that they will go downhill. I could say the same thing about companies, only more so because companies last for 120 years at most. Gold and Silver are historically reliable. There is a much better chance of Walmart going out of business than for gold to be worth zero!

  19. badsign1980 says:

    the rich are making the last bubble they are buying land and food that will be worth alot more and water energy aswell

  20. badsign1980 says:

    hope you ppl enjoy gold during your diner because thats all you gonna get nobody will mtrade anything with gold or silver they only work while society is still working food, water things thatt actually matter are the key gold is the last bubble to implode the dollar after that youll sell your gold bars for pound rice if they trade it with you, ppls perception of value disapear in chaos, they have been manipulated to take advantage ppl, once its over work and food will value much more then gold

  21. johnnycaboosehead says:

    @onecoolgreek … If gold and silver become worthless, then society as we know it will no longer exist.

    You’re right…

    During the APOCALYPSE gold and silver will be worthless.

    But if there is no APOCALYPSE, the elite will laugh at us while they continue hoarding resources and commodities away from the common people.

  22. fuzzywzhe says:

    You know, the best part of this, is finally, complete morons are going to get what they deserve, complete and total poverty.

  23. W0KD says:

    Buy gold and silver? If money’s worthless, what do you buy it with? And if you already had such random metals, how would they be “valuable” when you can’t “sell” it? Because it would only be to gain recognizable money.
    You’re just going to be able to buy LESS, that’s all.
    Having “precious” metal is nothing – that’s like saying you have lucrative stocks and bonds – but they’re worthless unless you SELL them for something!

  24. evadidio says:

    ‘madoffed’… ahahaha… you’ re a genius!I have tears in my eyes from laughing!

  25. vadimuskoro says:

    Fight Cause Not Effect !


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