Barofsky: Don’t Believe Hype About $25B Mortgage Settlement

March 15 (Bloomberg Law) — The billion mortgage settlement between lenders and state attorneys general won’t help nearly as many people as its touted to, Neil Barofsky, the former Special US Treasury Department Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), tells Bloomberg Law’s Lee Pacchia. He’s joined by Matthew Stoller, a fellow at the Roosevelt Insitute, who says the government and banks delayed filing details of the settlement to give investors less time to challenge the deal in court.

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3 Responses to Barofsky: Don’t Believe Hype About $25B Mortgage Settlement

  1. jurisnot says:

    SEE National Vicitims Coalition on FaceBook ….. Rule 24 Interventions are being Filed … there is NO Settlement Until The Interventions are Finished …. HELLO Interventions are being Filed

  2. nich0lsong says:

    What will it take, America? What will make you wake up? How many families need to be destroyed by the banks with full complicity by your government? I know its hard. It’s so much easier to just kneel and place the shackles on your own ankles.


    Ocwen better not given my home to a non profit!! I have sent all my evidence to the FBI!..and…..

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