Why I don’t Flip REO’s & Real Estate Deals posted Online? Investing Flipping Houses

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18 Responses to Why I don’t Flip REO’s & Real Estate Deals posted Online? Investing Flipping Houses

  1. emmanuel43 says:

    whats the fee for your training?

  2. proshea01 says:

    Good information my friend, In my video’s,I’m out in the field showing where to and not to buy, good deals vs bad deals, dangers of buying on Ebay, etc. I enjoy your video’s, I’ve watch you before, take care for now

  3. TheREIMaverick says:

    NICE!!!! I have shared thsi video with a bunch of my friends. GREAT VID!

  4. Ibuysellinvest says:

    Great tip Keep them coming

  5. RLJ93727 says:

    Like the video

  6. Marlobarge says:

    Greeting, we have motivated buyers looking for bulk REO product right now so please contact us at 800-903-5956 asap; thank u.

  7. SBreeze80 says:

    House back yesterday and I missed it! Just caught it online at lastnightstvshows (.) com

  8. TeachMeFlipping says:

    All sounds great, the bigger issue is that your investor can get access to the same properties bcx most REO’s are already advertised online and once he starts his due diligence he will see the listing history of that property which may be ok but your investor has to be on board totally which may not be that easy to do.

    let us know how it turns out

    “The best deals are the ones that you put under contract from your marketing and you control who knows about it”
    The Flip Man

  9. guitardrummer87 says:

    If you can get an REO under contract, you can get the broker to add your investor’s name to the contract through an addendum (tell the broker he’s your business partner). You sign a separate contract with the investor stating you will quit claim deed for a price. Investor brings funds to closing. House closes in both your names then you quit claim deed out of the house for the contracted price. No double closing fees. Haven’t tried it yet, but will do it before the new year (hopefully).

  10. TeachMeFlipping says:

    the only thing i’ve tried to do is some bulk reo stuff but never tried to wholesale reo’s

    not saying it’s not possible, just not my thang

  11. Milan3463 says:

    So you dont wholesale reo’s or do shortsale wholesales?

  12. TeachMeFlipping says:

    call me anytime

  13. yolij1 says:

    I’m going to contact you about the mentoring. You answered my question whether prospecting for properties online vs finding the deals offline is more effective. good tips.

  14. TeachMeFlipping says:


  15. thugr0meo says:

    renovating REO/foreclosures with private money is the best way and allows you to earn bigger profit than wholesale..but with no cash or credit, wholesale is the best BEGINNER way to start and earn your way up…best wholesale deals are from your own marketing!!!

  16. TeachMeFlipping says:

    Yes, you can do a double assignment but follow the deal

  17. vcredle says:

    Once you have a contract assigned can you assign it again?

  18. TeachMeFlipping says:

    thanks a lot

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