Israel has 5th most expensive property market

Israel has been rated as the 5th most expensive country for the price of property. A survey of the Global Property guide reported a huge 12.% increase in prices in Israel in the last year alone. 19 of the 36 countries surveyed have seen prices rise in the last 12 months. The highest hike in prices was in Hong Kong where prices rose a huge 27.15%. The increase in property prices in Israel included a 2.12% increase in the frst quarter of 2010. The news is good for Israel as the property market is in good health following the global financial crises. Countries whose property markets have failed to pick up yet include Ireland, Bulgaria and Thailand.

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5 Responses to Israel has 5th most expensive property market

  1. Herb615 says:

    nice to see the economy of Israel increase.

  2. schmatever says:

    That does not make Israel the 5th most expensive country in the world, it makes it the 5th most ACTIVE country in the world. Get your facts right.

  3. nanacoil says:

    oh oh,, you sad ass muslims just can’t keep your haterad in your pants’
    LOL poor muslims 🙂

  4. puttbud says:

    your stupidiy is showing

  5. scratchneck says:

    their property market is built on dead palestinian civilians’ blood and children’s deaths. TERRORISTS

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