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  1. iprawiro says:

    When someone is getting rich he is making others become poor.
    So sad, Robert! look at those who live in streets now, you are part of the creators.

  2. savedremnants888 says:

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  3. manictiger says:

    I like that he admits that this program isn’t for people who can’t manage money.
    I always thought that if there was a generic template to financial self-help, it’d be:
    first Dave Ramsey, then Robert Kiyasaki, then business classes and investopedia, then the insiders and business associates, then your PR department (so you don’t look like a fool when you’re famous).

  4. mrsmiles593 says:

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  5. GrammyPammy3 says:

    your rich dad lessons page is unavailable. I watched all of your video, now want to learn more.

  6. WingsPeopleString says:

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  7. BMWg84 says:

    Kiyosaki is so good at motivating. I need to get on my business ideas pronto

  8. buttheadgsxr1000 says:

    Great stuff!

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