Toxic Foreclosures and Foreclosure Fraud Workshop by Roy Oppenheim Part 1 Roy Oppenheim Addresses Those Who Have Recently Purchased a Home Through Illegal Foreclosure Oppenheim Law Foreclosure Defense Workshop: Transcript The third group of people to consider is those who have recently purchased a home through a foreclosure, which may have been done illegally. What should we call these people, any ideas? I refer to these people with dirty titles, however this is ironic because they are the ones who have been helping bail out the economy. These are the investors. These people have been taking their hard cash that they still have left, looking for good deals, and helping propel the economy back to life. Without such people, the prices would continue to drop. Back in 2008, everything had stopped. There was no buying or selling, the market was literally at a standstill. It is because of these investors, however, that we still have a real estate market, albeit not a great one. What will happen to these people? They may in fact be thrown out of their homes, by the people who lost them in the first place. I would like to add that these are not bad people, and I will represent both those people who have lost their homes to foreclosure and those who may lose their homes due to bad foreclosures.
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