Foreclosure Lockout

Tense situation as a lockout is required at a foreclosed home where we are not aware of whether or not there is anybody inside this foreclosed home. Lockouts have become more common in Las Vegas as the number of foreclosed homes has risen. Sometimes occupants open the door and sometimes locksmiths have to pick the locks to gain access.
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4 Responses to Foreclosure Lockout

  1. VegasMobsters says:

    oh its tough guy again,,yah come and get me pal,,yah right you coward

  2. Todd Miller says:

    The bank fully rehabbed this home!! It looks great now.

  3. Todd Miller says:

    On this one its most likely a rehab so that we can get top dollar (Which is probably about $150k)

  4. GabeColeTV says:

    Hey Todd,

    Nice video. So will the bank replace the appliances and rehab or sell it as-is?

    Keep up the good work!

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