14 Million Dollar Paradise Valley Luxury Real Estate Homes Tour – Arizona Mansions For Sale

Take the Next Edge Video luxury home tour of one of Paradise Valley, Arizona’s most expensive estates for sale. This is an exclusive preview and the first time television cameras have been allowed inside! Found on the top of Mummy Mountain, this amazing multi-million dollar home is a work of art itself, filled with built in 18th and 19th century antiques. Unbelievable mansion, unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Copyright Next Edge Video and www.nextedgevideo.com – Property listed by Ken Clark of Realty Executives Premier Marketing Group. Property available by private appointment only. www.keninparadiseaz.com or 602-803-0933

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16 Responses to 14 Million Dollar Paradise Valley Luxury Real Estate Homes Tour – Arizona Mansions For Sale

  1. TheMadCrumpet says:

    @DDKEproductions Will you marry me?

  2. DDKEproductions says:

    Haha. I want to be the wife that cooks in the kitchen, raises the kids, and cleans in thay house… Damn it, it will be MINE!

  3. ItsMattyWattam says:

    Course you can afford to live in a 14 million dollar house if you won 33 million, how much do you think these houses cost to tax a year. If you put 16 million in the bank you would be making $1000+ a day in interest!

  4. JohnRhysMusician says:

    You are forgeting the 45% that you’ll have to pay in taxes on the winning. A home should never make up more than 30% of your expenses or 30% of your net worth.

  5. Arthasgaming says:


  6. nepalihercules says:

    no if u win 33 million u can afford house worth 14million. think of it this way. let’s say u win a million dollar in lottery then u’ll prolly buy a house worth 500,000. that’s 50% of the winning. and 14million is less than 50% of 33 million. so of course u can buy that house. u’ll still have 15 million to spend after buying that house.

  7. IIZODIIAC says:

    Congratulations in advance to the commission receiver : )

  8. richardxx9011 says:

    Yes and then you would go broke… you would have 19 mill to mess with and if you put it away you would be making 1.9 mill or close to that a yr and have fun with the up keep and everything else you need to purchase. If you ever won it be alot better if you just went for a house about 1-4 mill. This is probably why you dont win the lottery because you go bankrupt right away lol.

  9. xxbenjamin32xx says:

    you cant afford a 14 million $ mansion when you win 33 million… doesn’t make sense. this is for people having way above 100 million!

  10. bellalush says:

    I would buy this in a heartbeat if i just won the 33 million $ jackpot like the megabucks just sold and won last week her in the NW

  11. Obimacwen says:

    Beautiful place to live

  12. xPyrodudez says:

    hey, dont put my house on youtube, please.

  13. aniketranade says:

    wow…almost made me put my $10 on this crib….lol

  14. DERAJ13 says:

    :43 did he say mummy mountain? for me to buy this house it would have to include at least one Dillon mini gun and ammo

  15. peaceshellpeace says:


  16. BrokerExecutives says:

    Great Video’s .

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