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PBS Airdate: January 20, 2011 Retrofitting the Empire State Building (NYC) for energy efficiency will pay for itself in three years. The cost savings of green building renovation. www.pbs.org SUSIE GHARIB: In our “Planet Forward” segment tonight, we head to New York City. We look at how one of the world`s most recognizable buildings is going green. The Empire State building has been a landmark for almost 80 years. But when it comes to office space, it has lots of competition in newer, more energy efficient buildings. Planet Forward`s Frank Sesno walks us through the building`s big makeover and the energy cost savings it achieved. FRANK SESNO, PLANET FORWARD: What`s old is new again: in this case, possibly the most iconic structure in the world and where innovation now meets energy efficiency and the New York state of mind. Devin Greene, and Kristina Sgueglia, Plant Forward students at the George Washington University heard the Empire State building was getting new windows, so they hit the streets. Just how many windows are there? SURACE: We took the glass out. We pulled it all apart. We vigorously cleaned it. And we did something else. We re-used all the glass in the building. We took those dual-paned windows and made them R-8. The “R” value is a technical measurement of the resistance to heat flow so the higher the number, the better. Higher “R” value windows are built in a unique way. They have multiple chambers separated by suspended film. That clear film goes in. It

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  1. superherosrocktiger1 says:

    when they asked how many windows they had, i was waiting for someone to say OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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