Foreclosure Fraud – MSNBC w/ Cenk & Matt Taibbi

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) on MSNBC Live speaks with Matt Taibi of Rolling Stone about bank foreclosure fraud.

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25 Responses to Foreclosure Fraud – MSNBC w/ Cenk & Matt Taibbi

  1. 2020CHITOWN says:


  2. 2020CHITOWN says:

    Remember, the “lender” only has 90 days from the closing of the trust to transfer the debt by assignment. There is NO LEGAL FIX…THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRIMINAL….!

  3. 2020CHITOWN says:

    BEWARE! Just got an e-mail from mortgage svcing news that FANNIE MAE is about to start manufacturing clean chains of title via NATIONWIDE TITLE CLEARING..!

  4. insurancegame says:

    It’s great to see these corrupt businesses exposed.

  5. earnbynet00007 says:

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  6. SuperHappyCow says:

    They were forced to make loans in all neighborhoods because we already went through this a century ago when speculators crashed the economy and made runs on the banks. We insure deposits, so they are forced to make loans to people in all neighborhoods, who can afford them.

    The problem arose when they gave people who could only afford low interest loans adjustable interest rates, which were intentionally constructed to adjust to a really high rate, cause foreclosure, and secure bets.

  7. pttugasuk says:

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  8. Bones98 says:

    I like Cenk as an anchor. He’s got great personality compared to all of those bland and boring anchors

  9. ytgv3fc7 says:

    That’s the most ridiculous nonsense possible. Those providing an illegitimate legal system cause civil war. Those providing a 2nd legal system in competition cause war and murder.

  10. Gofightsystem says:

    We now know that the Sub prime mortgages did not cause the housing bubble to collapse though it did have a hand in it. What really caused it was the massive buying and selling of bad paper the the sub prime mortgage industry produce.

  11. Gofightsystem says:

    so true in that context

  12. mewimi says:

    Is that a joke? I hope so because Ron Paul is a joke lol

  13. Galondor says:

    Elect Ron Paul 2012 and he will END THE FED and bring us alot closer to a “free market”

  14. gt40f says:

    he still does the radio/youtube show

  15. TheHeartOfTheLion says:

    I wonder what happend to the rest of the TYT crew now that Cenk is on MSNBC, on a regular time slot ??

  16. Ralfast says:

    Also, for those who want to blame Franks and Fanny Mae, this doesn’t cover how the banks are still cheating people through rapid foreclousures, to whit they don’t even have the papers to claim property over the loan/property!

  17. Ralfast says:

    Franks had nothing to do with the bundling of the loans and the accounting tricks to hide toxic assets and pass them off as healthy assets. Also, considering the clout the banking industry has in Congress, especially under the GOP, if this was really a problem for them, they would have lobbied to end this. But they were making money, so nobody complained.

  18. mathman43 says:

    Much of the problem goes back to Barney Frank. There was the Community Reinvestment Act that essentially required banks to loan money to high risk losers. There are some people who need to be renters. In Canada, where you need 20% down, there are essentially no foreclosures. Even if you leave the home, you’re still on the hook for the balance. We shouldn’t have let all these people walk away from their homes. They’re losers.

  19. madeinlukas says:

    u all have 2 read “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

  20. Yankhadenough says:

    Watch Secret of Oz

  21. elbowbiter1 says:

    So when are you citizens gonna rise up and murder your leaders, and your wealthy over lords? No you aren’t, well then I guess your founding fathers were wrong… America is a land of debt slaves and home of cowards. Keep taking it in the ass middle class america, the whole world knows you love it. Or… you could utterly stop voting and participating in the system that is designed to rape you. How? Decentralized renewable energy (solar/geothermal), hydroponic food, and sweet civil disobedience.

  22. Zontor2 says:

    Collective bargaining is representation through a Democratic process. You don’t know this? Ok lets then carry your “logic” to its extreme. End all safety regulations. The market will decide which safety measures are needed. People have the right to risk your life by buying unsafe products. From Hammurabi to today’s OSHA history and society prove you wrong when it comes to safety regulation. Even the bible has safety regulations. I guess God is a socialist.

  23. Zontor2 says:

    “But it was led by the liberals.” And the Republicans did nothing about it. You say Dodd and Frank pushed Freddie/Fannie but how did this occur? What legislation was rescinded that allowed this speculation? Who pushed to rescind the legislation?

  24. Zontor2 says:

    You still didn’t provide an example of your economic theory at work. But don’t bother I am tired of laughing my ass off at your laisse faire bullshit.

  25. Zontor2 says:

    LOL. “Abolishing regulations simply means that employers and employees can tailor wage/safety mixes to their own specifications, …..” You are really ignorant of history aren’t you. This is exactly what will happen, miners will die. You stupid fuck libertarians will have removed the right of collective bargaining, the miners will have no legal recourse. The progressive movement will begin again 100 years after the 1st. Adios.

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