12/4/2008 Part 1/2 Peter Schiff On Issues w/Jane Velez Mitchell: Car Wars

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25 Responses to 12/4/2008 Part 1/2 Peter Schiff On Issues w/Jane Velez Mitchell: Car Wars

  1. treysparker says:

    Peter Schiff: Wall Street Wizard

  2. charbala says:

    nice mullet

  3. madeinamerica650 says:

    Yea Jane is a hollywood elitist moron.

  4. madeinamerica650 says:

    blah blah blah hybrid green bull shit.
    STFU Jane.

    Most Americans do not own a hybrid and yet it is the focal point of her entire auto industry rant. Best selling vehichle in the US is the Ford F150.

    What you think of that Dumb ass Jane???

  5. vexacon says:

    She drives a Toyota Prius?
    We can now call her Jappy Jane!
    I drive a Chevy Blazer, and it runs as smooth as silk!

  6. Ckypwnd says:

    bitch is annoying

  7. achalmers says:

    I didn’t think you came across nasty at all. I knew exactly what you were saying.

  8. NoirMusic says:

    Sorry if that came across as nasty… I think I need to throw a 🙂 or lol in. All the jerks on youtube make it hard to tell.

  9. achalmers says:

    Ha-ha…throw me a bone. But yeah, it’s been a warzone for a long time.

  10. NoirMusic says:

    It is one thing to bail out say airlines post 9/11 because the thing was 100% not their fault. It is quite another to do this…

  11. NoirMusic says:

    What do you mean it is LIKE a warzone? The Congo has been in civil war for 20 years….

  12. achalmers says:

    Dean Jane,

    Lithium…which is needed to make the batteries for the hybrids is in very limited supply making it very expensive. Oh, and did anyone mention where you get it from? Here’s a hint…the Congo. Been there lately? It’s like frickin’ war zone there! What an idiot!

  13. ForOrAgainstUs says:

    Government bolstering only hurts companies in the long run. It creates a moral hazard that allows, what would be, profitable companies to engage in riskier behavior. When the risky behavior cannot be fully realized by the safety net of government interference, it simply creates bad results. Bad results, but no way to realize them, just means the government has to help more once they are realized. In the meantime, companies who abide to market forces produce better products.

  14. jhr001 says:

    LOL Schiff the evil Financier of wall street.

  15. kungfujones1 says:

    “Two wrongs don’t make a right. Didn’t your mother tell you that?”

  16. LastTrueLiberal says:

    Hear that, the only reason Toyota and Honda aren’t failing is because they have support from their government. In fact, no company anywhere could exist without subsidies and tarrifs from their respective thieving mafias. The government creates all private sector jobs. That’s an indesputable fact.

  17. sergey444 says:

    and now he gets blamed for it, hilarious

  18. kakaokaka says:

    Ladies & Gentlemen, let me introduce Peter Schiff on the left and some stupid fuck on the right.

  19. bolo34lx says:

    Patriotism card, check.

  20. romo502 says:

    What an Idiot that Mayor is. Peter has known about this for years!

  21. w1ckedz0r says:


  22. PAYNE227 says:

    What car company is the mayor talking about?The ones I know have made cars to tear up, given worker huge salaries, and made gas gusslers,paid CEO huge salaries and bonus. I agree with Peter let them fail. Why should gov help a private company? Reagan never help the airlines(everyone said they would go broke) and they are doing fine now. Gov. helped Chrysler out once now they are back again. I say let them fail.

  23. Paetaor says:

    I agree with Peter as well and when you take into consideration what has happened so far I can see the Mayors point of view.
    Not saying I entirely agree with it but I get it.
    I think it would make more sense to ‘loan’ auto $30billion than to have ‘given’ the banks the $3trillion thus far. And I am only guestamating that number for obvious reasons.

    I think the Mayor is right about the socialized healthcare helping tip the scales but failure to manage the company properly was a bigger problem

  24. wpariah says:

    peter schiff is so cute!

  25. brovic777 says:

    Peter Schiff reminds me of Data from Star Trek, or Mr.Spok. He’s like a computer brain with absolutely ZERO heart of compassion for human beings. Its survival of the fittest mentality, while the masses die.

    I bet he would of been against the war with Hilter also, and could of cared less of millions of Jews and others died too!!!!

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