Farm Looking for Investors / JV

If ytour looking for investment in the Philippines this piece of property is ideal for ranch, farm, residential subdivision andstategically located with 3 km radius from Robinson and Shormart of Lipa and the most ideal character of this lot it is next to Malarayat Golf Club the biggest in the Philippines with 27 holes. FOr inquiries you may send email to

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  1. Shawnwared says:

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  2. gen010376 says:

    If this propert is still available you can text me @ 09195543003. My Compny named San Agustine Developmet Corporation. We develop the Global City. if you need any my company profile just text me to show you.

  3. sarah81783 says:

    i agree with kevinsoffice. i would like to know more about this. who can i contact

  4. kevinsoffice says:

    Maybe im just stupid, but if you are looking for investors it might make it easier if you listed some contact information. How is anyone supposed to call about the property?

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