Mortgage Modification Secrets: Shhh!

(Click “More Info” to see full video script!) www.60MinuteLoanModification visit for a free CD on Mike Rockwood’s experience modifying 5 of his own home loans – and how you can too. Ask Mortgage Modification questions on our forums at http For me, the housing market implosion became personal. If youre reading this article its likely that the crisis has become that way for you, too. So much power and so little accountability! These lenders have dirty secrets that they wish you did not know. Knowing these will help you negotiate a better modification and KEEP YOUR HOME! There are no rules! By that I mean that street-smart homeowners should get on the bleeding-edge of this loan mod frenzy. The pioneers are getting extraordinary values. Whenever a big trend overwhelms and industry there is tremendous advantage that goes to the innovative and courageous. For many months I have been advising clients to pursue an aggressive loan mod solution, even when prospects seemed dire. I have been amazed at the results. So, be brave, be intelligent and be diligent. You will prevailat least for now. Most fees are bogus. When you look at the amount a lender claims you owe them, you might be surprised at how large that number is. If you miss 4 payments of 00 each, why don’t you owe 00? The answer is late fees and penalties. The problem is that all of these types of fees have to be justifiable, and completely spelled out. Most loans have RESPA and TILA violations. Up to 70% of the loans
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