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On CNBC last week, Ivanka Trump said that the current market has great opportunities for developers, but only if they have cash available for transactions as there is no debt available to finance purchases. Trump said the market will get worse before it gets better, but believes it will improve quickly, and when debt becomes available again, there will be great deals for developers to buy properties. Trump said that for the first time in a long time, buyers have leverage to negotiate purchase prices with sellers. For more information please click the link provided:
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  1. glwebb1967 says:

    Great role model for woman. Plus she’s beautiful and smart!

  2. aGua421 says:

    This was January of 2009 and the real estate market hasn’t exactly rebounded. I think, because of the industry she works in, she’s definitely going overboard on her optimism here. Then again, I don’t think anyone would have anticipated how bad this recession has been (this video is from jan of 09).

  3. 70sRob says:

    You have got to be fucking kidding me. Now she has a jewelery line for every day women. She makes me sick!. This woman, Ivanka should thank her lucky stars to be born into a super rich family !! Too bad the kids of celebrities don’t use their pampered, privileged lives to help those SO less fortunate. It’s really sickening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. kiiifute1 says:

    “[Bush] hardly knew how to speak”? You need to go back & listen to a few more of his speeches,press conferences,”debates”etc Ivanka Trump “knows how to speak”
    By what standard do you measure?
    It appears more than a few in the audience are confusing manner(ism),not to mention generally pleasing physical characteristics with “eloquence”
    “Witness”–with a less jaundiced view-Trump’s use of the language,here & elsewhere–
    speech peppered with “sort of” , “actually” and “certainly”

  5. Popsicle789 says:

    wtf. it’s not a woman’s role to try and be super confident? wow, thanks for that super insightful, misogynistic comment!

    and btw, your comment is completely and utterly irrelevant to the point I was making. you’re commenting on her being a supposed “try-hard”. i’m making a statement on the viciousness that other people seem to have against women-who happen to be rich. no education= stupid/vapid/worthless. education= they only got it because they’re connected.

  6. lordofkronos says:

    its frustration to even watch ivanka cuz u wana fuck her so bad but shes not wit u , shes in a youtube screen

  7. 204union says:

    Ivanka will be on CNBC 11/17/2010 on CNBC TITANS DOnald Trump - all things Trump.

  8. celicamaro says:

    She’s basically admitting the rich and the business owners have been screwing us all this time when she said “buyers finally have leverage”. Wallstreets greed tank the economy and gave average people a chance to get a good deals on things. Huge cash incentives and 0% financing from practically every auto maker in the world is a perfect example. I’m not even going to bring up who ran away with all those cash when gasoline was at $5 a gallon.

  9. SHYBONER says:


  10. Jospehporta says:

    lol she is a master at stating the obvious. Nothing you don’t learn in the first year of a finance degree. I notice she says roughly the same thing in many other interviews, nothing impressive here, except maybe her fake tits 🙂

  11. chenger76 says:

    she is hot. stop it haters.

  12. Rawego says:

    …and we’re all fcked. have fun now, ya hear? :))

  13. dewerbylhserf says:

    money will not save any body in the end day

  14. ninemen123 says:

    What she’s saying isn’t totally accurate though because there is always some finance available, they could get it for example. What I’m saying is if it aint raining every second motherfucker wants to give you an umbrella.

  15. ninemen123 says:

    yeah mate we all know that shit, I’d fuck the ass off her though.

  16. stanky212 says:

    she is eloquent but what shes saying isnt all that earth shattering…shes basically saying that its a recession and no one wants to lend money in these conditions therefore they are waiting for debt markets to open up…anyone who reads the paper could tell you that..only girls that look like that dont usually read the paper..thats all there is to it…shes still hot tho.

  17. jjstar2211 says:

    I like the part where Ivanka said; you have to have the cash. If you remember what happened to the State of Virgina After The Civil war, you will know why the cash first is such a great preestablishing entro.

  18. Be1smaht says:

    i think that is the very reason why people dont like her/

  19. johnsterno11 says:

    Yeah, 3.8

  20. johnsterno11 says:

    Yes I do, with highest distinction. So?

  21. Blockup5 says:

    that last one i dont agree with

  22. bmvz4a says:

    wow she’s great!

  23. johnsterno11 says:

    Got in because of Donald, he graduated there. She is pretty, knows how to speak & has a good education. Bush became President & he graduated from both Yale & Harvard…yet hardly knew how to speak. Where you go to school means little but does give a certain indication, agreed. U of Chicago, Oberlin College & Brooklyn College has more Noble Prize Laureates from undergraduate level than any other school. What does that say? She is photogenic & famous which is why she is on TV, not for her mind.

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