Part 1. Southern California Realties or just Real(i)ty ?

Sad situation for homeowners. This is what is happening across the entire country not just in Southern California. Foreclosures. This is beyond saddening.
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5 Responses to Part 1. Southern California Realties or just Real(i)ty ?

  1. TheNewyorkreload says:

    That’s terrible the charitys are idiots and don’t care about giving, they just want a pay check they probably keep and pawn the valuables them selves (the charitys NOT anyone features in this video)

  2. Beingreal40 says:

    Sorry I meant to say…. GET IT! Savings gone. No money. No home left. So now everyone lied on their loans to get to this point.

  3. SpecialTalent says:

    I can not comprehend this either, if I was the owner of this company I would call around or place ads ahead of time to ensure that something like this does not get trashed. If his landfill fees will be lower as well and he could do a good deed why not. Heck I would give it away to next door neighbors, anything but to trash TV-s and computers. Idoubt that they trashed the big screen TV , I bet that they took the nice flat screen home and they did not throw that into the trash dumpster.

  4. SpecialTalent says:

    In the video the owner of the clean up company mentions that the charity trucks he used to call out did not show up on time or did not show up at all at all, and he was contractually obligated to empty the houses and not leave anything on the curbside as that is illegal.

  5. ircjunk2004 says:

    That is a lot of good stuff thrown away. Wouldn’t goodwill can use that?

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