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  1. Tee Blue says:

    well,hope u,can still help me save my home,,,i just had Forcloser,Sales Date wass 2 weeks ago,,here in tampa can u,still help me,,,call me 813-465-1701,,,

  2. TheROOMSTER123 says:

    Are you in Foreclosure?? Call 877-364-3236 press 1,2,2 for a FREE consultation, homeowners must be: At least 60 days behind on their mortgage payments Not in active bankruptcy

  3. 1stchoicefamilyLLC says:

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  4. ANYSIA000 says:

    This is what thousands of people have been saying! Watch this video CBS 60 Minutes Mortgage Fraud Exposed & MERS Fraud Stops Foreclosure it explains if you have any more questions please call 1-866-967-9993

  5. yeshualovesu2 says:

    Can you be a little more specific about how they helped you save your home?

  6. ANYSIA000 says:

    Visit this website page to stop foreclosure immediately! (icansuemylender . com) the reason the website name is separated youtube wont let you post websites as comments. It Saved MINE HOME!!

  7. trapptowers says:

    THIS CRISES IS FROM THE BANKS AND GOVERNMENT,if you are being forclosed, cancel your insurance, file bankruptcey,get a electric fryer,fill it with oil,turn it on HI, and leave. thats the best way to SCREW the banks.and if asked,you can say oh! i must have forgotten.

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  9. SixFigureCoach says:

    Seems like a SCAM…too good to be TRUE…..Like most of the others….. AND when you click on the LINK it directs you to a get rich quick scheme website called PROFITMATIC…!!!! Quit trying to FOOOL everyone…….. !!!!

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