The herd will probably buy silver at $100.

Silver and gold should be front page news Raise those interest rates already

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25 Responses to The herd will probably buy silver at $100.

  1. andrewebisu says:

    Thanks. Just shooting off my prediction mouth. Get that silver!

  2. phillisthebarbarian says:

    lol, “it’ll rise to 50 before they get the smell…” Pretty damn good call sir. GO SILVER. 

  3. andrewebisu says:

    . Agreed. Silver is still very cheap relative to historical comparisons.

  4. andrewebisu says:

    . Oh yeah I am trying to think for myself more. That’s why I take issue with you criticizing me on something I didn’t say. Just a comment now eh? Ok, comment on someone’s actual stance and don’t make stuff up. YOU re-think how you do things.

  5. Donny Shields says:

    Well I would have to state that my comment was just that, a comment.

    and if you felt it held you to some sort of obligation to do something, then you need to rethink how you do things and start thinking for yourself…


  6. andrewebisu says:

    . Ok ok so unless you always buy silver you are smart money by your book. Yes, you don’t have to worry about if I understand you. My problem is that I NEVER said where I would sell some of my silver. I said $100 an ounce is when I think it’ll start to get popular and then you go off and say “You are not smart money, lol.” You are hemming me into something I did not say. You can hold on to your Ag long as you want but let other people make their own choices. Do you get that?

  7. andrewebisu says:

    . That would be a good deal for sure.

  8. Donny Shields says:

    they sell at $500, then the next year it’s worth $600 or more..

    the point I was making wasn’t about profit, it’s about wealth protection..

    when you say $35 is good price for you… thats per 1 oz…

    what happens when $35 can only buy 1/2 oz…

    the point is, saving money in silver is the point… not profit…

    smart money will continue to SAVE in silver….

    stop applying a dollar paper fiat to the metal… I don’t care if you get it at this point.. I have made it clear..

  9. andrewebisu says:

    . Thanks for the support. I just don’t get this guy. He likes silver but that’s where the merit ends.

  10. andrewebisu says:

    . Sorry I didn’t see your reply till now. Again, I don’t understand your logic. Yes I will stop buying silver when it seems expensive to me. It may be smart to buy at $500 but I’d rather be buying now when it’s $35 and not so inclined at $500. That is a personal choice. I just don’t get your criteria for smart money at all. If someone buys at $20 and sells at $500 they won’t worry about whether they fit your criteria for ‘smart money’.

  11. jezagee says:

    i agree you sound like a wanker lol… go silver

  12. urkingod says:

    Just be careful for these Chinese Fakes. 

  13. Donny Shields says:

    i watched your whole video out of respect for the video maker.
    what you said in the video struck my comment to you..
    your sarcasm back to me was met with a smart ass sarcastic remark in reply.
    in the big picture, you will stop buying at the point of where it seems to expensive for you.
    but smart money will be investing in it at even 500..
    so the way I seen it, after silver is a certain price, you won’t buy… (possibly sell)

    so you are not smart money, it’s so simple.

  14. andrewebisu says:

    “the sound of a wanker was the sound of your thoughts as you read what I wrote.” Um,…ok. You said smart money doesn’t apply to me (that’s fine, you can be the “smart” one) and that even buying at $500 is smart. Sure, fine. I’ve been buying since March 2008 and silver hasn’t even hit $40. What in heck you saying? Please explain. I’m all ears. You pickin’ fights over nothing. Did you even watch the video? You didn’t just comment after seeing the headline did you?

  15. Donny Shields says:

    well since everything I said was typed.

    the sound of a wanker was the sound of your thoughts as you read what I wrote.

    keep stackin, keep buying… buy as an investment/savings account.. if you save in silver, even 500 dollars an ounce is smart!

  16. andrewebisu says:

    . I understand what you mean and it is not good. I used the term dismissively but I was one of the people who didn’t know anything about the world economy or other important things for sure for a long time. Thanks for commenting and helping me out.

  17. andrewebisu says:

    . Why not buy below $100. Didn’t say buying at $100 is bad but my speculation as to when the mainstream gets in and its starts to become popular. Aw, I’m not smart money hoo. Glad you like silver but you sound like a bit of a wanker. Go silver.

  18. Donny Shields says:

    if silver is headed towards 500 why wouldn’t you buy at 100…

    the herd? come on man…

    the smart money will be buying silver even at 500 per ounce..

    notice i said smart money, this does not apply to you. lol

  19. TruthOverFacts says:

    I get your point, however, its not cool to call people “the herd” as if you’re any different. I dont like the elite because they look as me (and you) as such. So for you to say that makes me wonder about your outlook on your fellow brethren.

  20. andrewebisu says:

    . Yeah the withdraw your money thing is like replacing Hitler with Stalin. It’s still the currency issued by central banks that they issue. Hope you sleep well with silver in your ship hold. Thanks very much for your comments 🙂

  21. andrewebisu says:

    . Thanks for the comments MSungs. JFK Rest in Peace. He delivered some of the greatest speeches. They still give me tingles not like the empty corporate suit Obama.

  22. andrewebisu says:

    , Thanks for your thoughts Bluehorse. JFK was awesome. I’ve been to Dallas and it’s all so obvious. Why there wasn’t a revolution I don’t know.

  23. MegaAvalonn says:

    I really like how you put the “withdraw all your money from the banks” dumb masses in their place. You’re right, if we all withdrawl all our money, out of spite the banks can very easily just skyrocket interest rates (making the rich who kept their money in the bank even insanely richer) or simply issue another currency. There’s no point in doing anything with your paper or electronic dollars, that’s the problem, paper and electronic dollars are worthless. Time to say good bye, good night Irene.

  24. msungs says:

    A way to end the Federal Reserve as “Federal” as Federal Express is to buy Silver. It is an insurance power against the inflationary/unconstitutional FED. Protect your family and your wealth. JFK had passed Executive Order 11110, bringing the US debt free United States notes, before he was brutally assassinated by the Federal Reserve Bank.

  25. bluehorse888 says:

    i think you’re bang on with this one “mate”. Restoring sound money is exactly what the money changers have been fighting against for centuries. JFK is an example of what can happen to someone who trully tries to restore sound money. Its alot easier for them to manipulate an invisible asset like electronic money!

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