Daniel Vision Victory Interview May 5 2011

John Manfreda and Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St Interview investor, entrepreneur and documentarian Daniel Vision “Victory” of the Future Money Trends futuremoneytrends.com and the popular Vision Victory You Tube Channel www.youtube.com . The interview is over 50 minutes and covers many different topics from precious metals to what’s going on in California. Please visit our blogs at www.jasonburack.com , Mo Dawoud’s blog, the Mo Money Blog, at http and John Manfreda’s blog Freedolnomics at freedolnomics.com and checkout the Wall St for Main St Facebook Fanpage at www.facebook.com where you can learn and join in on the conversation! We are working on our main website at www.wallstformainst.com It’s not 100% ready to go yet, but will be soon!
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9 Responses to Daniel Vision Victory Interview May 5 2011

  1. WallStForMainSt says:

    @mkmason2002- I have no idea why Daniel said that about illegal aliens. They are certainly part of the problem in California as California is giving them lots of free services on the taxpayers back. But, without them to take jobs Americans don’t want, our standard of living would have already dropped by a lot. The entire US economy needs to be fundamentally restructured. It’s a total disaster and a total mis-allocation of capital, labor/talent and resources.

  2. mkmason2002 says:

    Illegal alien criminals have destroyed California. What are you talking about Daniel?
    Housing criminals in prisons, fighting drug traffickers, funding ICE and border patrol, sex slave smuggling, stealing MILLIONS of tax free jobs, Spanish language classes for non- English speaking aliens in public schools, free health care, free emergency room visits, free labor & delivery services, free child care to teen moms, food stamps, WIC, HUD housing, ….. need I say more?

  3. ILovelisanova says:

    The guy that blew the doors off the silver manipulation at the CFTC hearing

  4. John Manfreda says:

    who’s Jeffery Christian?

  5. ILovelisanova says:

    it’s Jeffery Christian of the CPM group

  6. ltse says:

    Another great interview. Thanks!

  7. troybr79 says:

    Great interview

  8. MrVocalBaby says:

    Thanks guys!

  9. aaronbasile says:

    Remember that the Fed was 100% secretive for many years and did not have their operations open to the public. They may continue with easing policies and simply just not announce it.

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