Halo Reach NEW DMR film prop (REAL and AWESOME)

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24 Responses to Halo Reach NEW DMR film prop (REAL and AWESOME)

  1. noobeable says:

    where did you get the dimensions from bungie?

  2. Mathew Lockwood says:

    Just add a clip then I’ll ask if your selling it

  3. letsgoiowa says:

    There is a very similar gun to the DMR in both Halo 4 and Reach, called the Keltec RFB. Fires the same round and is very similar aesthetically and functionally. It’d be very possible and simple to Halo-ize it.

  4. Aeletaz747 says:


  5. meandmyfriends999 says:

    An elegant weapon.

  6. Dirtbikerider84 says:

    No, he says it in like every video.

  7. Dirtbikerider84 says:

    Monster by Skillet playing in the background 😀

  8. creeperlover65 says:

    Are you selling any 🙂

  9. Omegaproject1999 says:

    He did build a halo 4 battle rifle

  10. BiOnItEtRoLleR says:

    Wish i could built that.My parents dont let me buy materials 🙁

  11. Camden Villasenor says:

    you should build a master chief helmet and battle rifle

  12. rightfullgamer says:

    Build a Master Chief replica 😛

  13. Ongus98 says:

    add battle scars e.g. bits of black and dirt on it

  14. DaFrontlineTrooper says:

    just normal acrylic poster paints, and a bit of spraypaint

  15. vaultboyhunter2077 says:

    Hey what kind of paint do you use please resins quickly I have a deadline to make!

  16. 477Shinigami says:

    Halo 4 – battle rifle

  17. kyle fehr says:

    Make me a arsenal of halo weapons

  18. beast103099 says:

    u shud sell these

  19. draoblu071 says:

    do tutorials on your guns 😀

  20. random999111 says:

    The DMR is cool but I still love the BR

  21. Ethan Jones says:

    DUDE! Please make a halo gun tutorial for the 117 video!

  22. zach12231 says:

    please do a tutorial

  23. cbielite says:

    An excellent addition to your arsenal. God, you even added a fire-mode selection switch. Good job and greetings from Canada! :3

  24. SHADOSTRYKR says:

    you shouldnt burn foam, it destroys the ozone layer

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