Nick Laird talks to Dominic Frisby

Subscribe to our newsletter at Dominic Frisby interviews Nick Laird, of, for the GoldMoney Foundation. They talk about the gold price and gold charts in detail and Nick mentions his time frame and price targets for the gold bull market. They discuss several ways of valuing and charting gold, comparing it to the DJI through the Dow ratio as well as to real estate. Nick explains his view that we are in a Kondratiev winter and that gold is the best store of wealth until the down cycle reaches its bottom and the world goes back to investing and growing again. He recommends avoiding paper assets and fiat currencies during this cycle. They also talk about the US debt/gold ratio and the message it brings for gold. They also talk about the possibility of governments revaluing gold to escape their debt trap and how this would require large multiples of the current gold price. This podcast was recorded on 18 October 2011.
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10 Responses to Nick Laird talks to Dominic Frisby

  1. GoldMoneyNews says:

    This was due to a technical error, we apologize.

  2. 1betrman says:

    martin armstrong , org

  3. edgegame says:

    very interesting interview.

  4. supercontious says:

    we won the rugby world cup and were pritty happy and its gold plated

  5. mimipoosh says:

    i watched this Sunday afternoon, apparently just after it was uploaded. 2 minutes later, I got the “SORRY—this has been removed “- message from YouTube.
    Do you have any idea why this happened ??  Thanks.

  6. Max Deniro says:

    Dominic, these are not new ideas. Try reading FOFOA, or Another, or FOA.

  7. Max Deniro says:

    Excellent conversation. Have you read any FOFOA?

  8. Xianman06 says:

    Frisby is not such a good interviewer, but his guests are great.

  9. NZAllBlack2 says:

    No, not a new idea but a simple one. But The Powers That Be don’t want a lot of rich people around the world. They want control of the world, so they will let the melt down happen (and wars) to thin the herd. Then they might revalue Gold/Silver.

  10. GermanInvestor says:

    not really new idea out there: Everybody interested in more details about this mechanism, read blog of FOFOA/Freegold

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