Cash Flow Generator Infomercial with the Rice Twins In this August 2006 Cash Flow Generator infomercial, twin dwarfs John and Greg Rice explain exactly what you should look for to make money with their real estate investment system. Find more hilarious infomercials at: or
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25 Responses to Cash Flow Generator Infomercial with the Rice Twins

  1. Gaylord McCock says:

    I saw them in WPB Florida in an Italian restaurant 8 years ago and was sitting with my son. I started laughing uncontrollably because I had never seen such small dwarfs before and was taken by surprise and did not know who they were until years later. My behaviour was uncalled for, but I couldn’t stop laughing. They were with full sized women, too, and had to kneel on their chairs to dine.

  2. wanadoeda says:

    True, it’s 8000 euro or something. These are really small deals but I have to say, when I did my first deal a couple of years ago I was very happy with it! 🙂

  3. TheVegaIsAwesome says:

    Dr. Menegela had a thing for twins and dwarfs.

  4. LesterPaulson8 says:

    $10,000 is chump change.

  5. noctmor says:

    you see, words are like bullets and I let them pass right through me

  6. kingjalaric says:


  7. netisforporn666 says:

    Anyone else brought here by South Park? Matt Stone and Trey Parker talked about these guys in the comments of the South Park Episode “With Apologies to Jessie Jackson.”

  8. philosophergenius says:

    I’ve never known a midget to make money. These are circus performers.

  9. ericwaffle31 says:


  10. ritter89 says:

    if you believe that i’ve got some swampland in Florida that i’d like you to take a look at

  11. ritter89 says:

    exactly. i’m baffled by the gullibility of the avg amercian consumer. the little gnomes are paid actors. 99% of these wankers are criminals who end up screwing either themselves, their customers or both. i saw the same slimy degenerates at an Amway conference i attended in the early 90s at the request of of a friend who was into it like a religion.. i walked into a room full of transparently insincere dorks dressed in cheap suits and bleached teeth–greed driven pyramid scheme

  12. Rachel Levine says:

    This is more than a tiny bit offensive, it’s two tiny bits offensive.

  13. ericwaffle31 says:

    no they are not millionaires. if they were millionaires they would still have their infomercials on each night lol. who would buy a product from them? here is the formula – ok so if there are midgets selling a product then it has to be real cause usually it would be not legit. so why not put two midgets on tv to prove to people – yes we are real because we are showing 2 midgets – that means we are very honest. lol

  14. rhinoman1980 says:

    its funny to see you guys make fun off them cause there midjets little do you know that there millionaires and have more money than your whole life savings and made it even thought there midjets

  15. RedDaVincy says:

    Aren’t these the same guys who exterminate termites?

  16. hperez19 says:

    If we could get like 8 of these, we could dress em’ all up like little beavers, right, and then put em’ in a pond and see if they build a dam. Lol

  17. hperez19 says:

    “Look, look, look, they put a little suit on him!” lol

  18. UnderDog988 says:

    ROfl….do you ever die? that fucking hilarious,,,

  19. UnderDog988 says:

    lol south park

  20. TheREIMaverick says:

    YEA!!!!!  I like what you are doing here! Yep!

  21. bearstearn3 says:


  22. joshuabrooks21 says:

    RIP John Rice, and happy belated birthday to Greg Rice. I hope you continue to “Think Big” for many more years.

  23. GGreg2010 says:

    Your wrong for that.

  24. BestTits says:

    lol south park

  25. imsixftsix says:

    The Rice brothers went to my high school….I was still in jr. high but, I would see guys in the upper grades carrying these 2 on their shoulders to classes all over campus. They were very well liked at Palm Beach High School

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